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EVU Financial Report 1996

from EVU News, Issue 1 /1997

Income DFL DM
Germany Subscriptions 2,129.24
Contributions 1,270.35
Donations 3,032.30
The Netherlands Subscriptions 80.00 72.16
Contributions 110.00 99.22
Donations 223.98 202.03
TOTAL Income 413.98 6,805.30
Expenditure DFL DM
Germany Banking Costs * 173.00
Secretariat 469.33
Postage 2,958.62
Tel/Fax/Internet 939.70
EVU-News 1,079.75
Congress 1,568.82
The Netherlands Banking Costs 15.00 13.53
Secretariat 37.60 33.92
Postage 243.63 219.75
Chamber of Commerce 119.15 107.47
TOTAL Expenditure 415.38 7,563.89
TOTAL Profit/Loss(-) -758.59
Assets per 31.12.1996:
Giroaccount Germany (DM) 4,062.67
Giroaccount 1 (NL) (DFL) 647.88
Giroaccount 2 (NL) (DFL) 5,953.28

This is a short financial report of the EVU for the year 1996. The full report will be submitted to the auditors for approval and will be presented to the members at the Annual General Meeting.

* We have an urgent request to our members (except from Germany or The Netherlands and Belgium): Please send your subscription, contribution or donation only by Euro-cheque in DM or by German bankerís Cheque in DM! Otherwise we loose almost a third of the sum in banking costs!

German members can pay directly to the German account: Konto-Nr. 999151, Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern, BLZ 540 502 20. Dutch and Belgian members can pay into the Dutch account: Nr. 2245 354 Postbank Arnhem. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

How to pay for EVU

There is a main Giroaccount in Germany, Number 999.151 Kreissparkasse, D-67653 Kaiserslautern, Clearing Number (BLZ): 540.502.20.

All (associate-) members, except the ones from the BENELUX Countries, are invited to pay into the above account in DM, using if possible a Eurocheque or a DM cheque payable in Germany. Send your cheques to the treasurer Heinz Kottkamp, Maximilianstr. 16, 76534 Baden-Baden, Germany.

The members from BENELUX Countries can pay to Postbank Arnhem, Giroaccount Nr. 2245354 (EVU). There is a possibility of Life Membership for individuals: DM 425,00 or DFL 500!

Voluntary donations are always welcome to cover expenses, as there are several free memberships of societies from Eastern Countries, which are unable to send any money abroad, but need our information badly. Thank you for your understanding and help!