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Report from Sweden
from EVU News, Issue 4 / 1996

About a year ago, stimulated by the EVU Congress in Bratislava, Ulrika Granström founded a regional group of the Swedish Vegetarian Society in Oerebro. Following is her short report on the first year of activity.

"The Oerebro division of the SVF has been operating for a year now. There are about 60 members from Oerebro and the neighbouring municipalities. There have been monthly meetings, excursions, lectures, buffets at Christmas and Easter. Quite a few of the participants come from other countries like Finland and Turkey. We are convinced that we can learn a lot from vegetarians from other countries.

There is a study circle of vegetarian cooking, which is very instructive. It is fun to exchange experiences and ideas. We are looking forward to many exciting experiments in vegetarian cooking this autumn. There will also be lectures on vegetarian nutrition.

Some of us cultivate our own produce. On the plain of Narke there are good facilities for ecological cultivation of vegetables, fruit and berries for household use.

In September there will be a two-day seminar on vegetarianism and matters related to the health movement in Sweden. It will be organized by the SVF, Veganfrieningen and Hälsofränjandet in common. The seminar is going to take place at Grythyltan. Some miles north-west of Oerebro there is "The House of Meals", where cooks and chefs and restaurant staff receive training at an academic level. At the seminar there will be excellent lectures, an exhibition on vegetarianism its history and the vision of its future. There will even be a competition among cooks in vegetarian cooking.

Ulrika Granström, Hörsta, S-69293 Kumla, Tel. +46 19 574142