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The EVU and the Internet
from EVU News, Issue 4 / 1996 [photo: jd]

Would you like to be able to read this EVU News in German? or Spanish, French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Esperanto - even Russian? Well you can - some of it at least - on the EVU’s pages on the World Wide Web.

Producing the paper version in different languages would be far too expensive but on the Internet the extra cost is insignificant. In fact the web pages cost EVU nothing at all - just a lot of time and some of our own money from a team of volunteers.

* note: the arrangements desrcibed below ended in March 1997 - see The IVU Cyberspace Domain for the present system
[The EVU pages are ‘hosted’ by Vegetarian Pages, this is a section of a computer at Newcastle University, England, made available by Lindsay Marshall, a long time vegetarian lecturer in the computer department. Vegetarian Pages is maintained by Geraint ‘Gedge’ Edwards, a vegan computer analyst/adviser now based in Cardiff and working for an Internet Service Provider in Wales. It is an index to most things on the vegetarian internet and also host to organisations such as the Vegetarian Society UK, the UK Vegan Society and Viva - as well as IVU and EVU. I maintain the pages from my home in Portsmouth, with technical support from Gedge and Lindsay.]

The EVU pages started back in the Spring of 1995, when Rob Snijders was secretary and put the EVU on-line. But it has really taken off since the EVU News has expanded over the last year or so thanks to Sigrid’s editing - and especially because of the input from Renato Pichler, President of the Swiss Vegetarian Union. Renato is another computer pro and does all the design and graphics for the EVU News - he then sends everything to me for converting into the web pages.

The result of all this excellent team work has been an increase in ‘hits’ from about 300 this time last year to over 3,000 in October 1996.

A ‘hit’ is counted whenever someone clicks on a page - so that figure of 3,000 could be perhaps 1,000 people reading 3 pages each - it is possible to check exactly who is reading what (!) but that would take too much time.

The real ‘hit count’ is probably double that figure as many internet companies store pages temporarily on their own systems,for their own customers, and we have no way of counting that. But whichever way you count it, a lot of people are finding out about the EVU on the Internet - and many of them are reading it in their own language. Indeed many of them are actively involved by translating pages and sending them back to me in their own language.

Please send me any suggestions for improving the pages.

John Davis: