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The old tradition of eating dogs is still alive in Switzerland

Deutsch - from EVU News, Issue 4 / 1996 - Italiano - Româna

According to the "Rheintaler Bote", 21. Nov. 96 a weekly newspaper of the Rheinvalley in Eastern Switzerland, there are still people who eat dogs regularly.

In Switzerland, unlike in other countries, the personal consumption of domestic animals is not forbidden, only the trade in such animals is not allowed. The production of lard, known for its "health benefits" in case of rheumatism is allowed as long as it is not done for profit.

In an interview a farmer told the journalist that "meat from dogs is the healthiest of all. It has shorter fibres than cow meat, has no hormones like veal, no antibiotics like pork".

A restaurant owner in Widnau, my little hometown confessed his dog eating habits and told the reporter that he was enthusiastic about meat from dogs as well as its lard. Only some days ago he had given dog lard to the policeman for his two children and their cough had been cured at once.

Some time ago the German RTL TV team reported about the dog eating tradition in St. Gallen and Appenzell, two rural Cantons of Eastern Switzerland. The reactions were shocking. Letters of protest were written from different countries to the regional and federal governments. A petition was signed by 7000 people and handed to the commission of the Cantons. It was rejected and not passed on to the Federal Council. The reason? It would not be the duty of the state to watch over the eating habits of its citizens.