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President, Sir Q.K.J.Masire attends Vegetarian Gastronomic Dinner
from EVU News, Issue 4 / 1996

[photo: dinner]
Seated (L to R): Dr. P.K. Jain (Chairman, VSB), the President Sir Q.K.J. Masire, the First Lady Madam G. Masire, and Mrs. S. Seligman. Standing: Mrs. P.Jain

September 29, 1996

The Vegetarian Society of Botswana hosted a Vegetarian Gastronomic Dinner at its First Annual function on Saturday, September 28, 1996 at the Sanitas Tea Garden, Gaborone. His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Botswana. Sir Q. K. J. Masire, and the First Lady, Madam G. Masire were the Guests of Honour. The dinner was attended by 150 dignitaries and guests. Five vegetarian dishes from different cultural back grounds were served. They included a French starter, Chinese, African and Indian main courses, and a Hawaiian fruit salad.

Welcoming the guests the Chairman of the Society, Dr. P. K. Jain said that although vegetarianism has traditionally been practised for cultural and religious reasons, during the past half century or so medical, environmental and ethical reasons have resulted in a fast growth in the number of vegetarians globally. His Excellency, the President, who himself is a vegetarian, addressing the guests emphasized the physical benefits of a vegetarian diet. "A vegetarian diet is good for the body, and the mind," he added. Other speakers included Dr. K. Seligmann, a physician with a long experience in Botswana who spoke on the medical aspects of vegetarian diet, and Miss Nancy Horenburg, an instructor of Tai Chi and martial arts for young people who addressed the issue of protein.

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