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Report from Sweden

from EVU News, Issue 3 / 1996

In Sweden we have not celebrated the World Vegetarian day on October 1st for many years, but last year we held seminars and asked restaurants to offer vegetarian meals at a low price. It was our intention to give the public an occasion to taste and discover vegetarian food. It was quite a success!

This year therefore The Swedish Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society, Swedish Health Society and Living Food Enzymes are organising together seminars for dieticians, cooks and journalist at Grythyttan in the middle of Sweden. There is also an exhibition about vegetarianism during the whole month of September in the same place. Each month about 8-10,000 people come to visit Grythyttan and only a few of them are already vegetarians.

On October 1st there will also be a cooking competition for pupils from the restaurant high schools in Sweden. One group will prepare a party menu and another group will prepare a party menu with three courses. The four Swedish societies have several local sections and a lot of them are preparing different activities on World Vegetarian day.

In April we wrote to all schools in Sweden and asked them to serve vegetarian meals on October 1st. We hope that our request will be successful. We will put vegetarian recipes on Internet for that occasion.

We like to work for the vegetarian cause and we think it is very important to co-operate. We succeeded in reducing mailing and marketing costs by working together with organisations with almost the same goals. In Sweden we hope that October 1st will remain World vegetarian day. We also work for World Animal Day on October 4th, by working together with the Swedish Animal Rights Organisation.

We hope to see a lot of visitors in Sweden on October 1st, if not this year, than maybe another year!

We also look forward to welcoming you in Sweden for the Arne Wingqvist Bicycle Tour next summer !

Regards from Sweden from the four vegetarian societies from:

Monica Engström, President of the Swedish Vegetarian Society, Tjärhovsgatan 1, S-10266 Stockholm, Tel. +46 8 7021116