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from EVU News, Issue 3 / 1996

Animal - Death - Transports

From Poland throughout Germany into France to Bordeaux for horses from Poland and other East European countries a journey of tortures.

On their way to the slaughterhouses in South- and Southwest France the animals are transported under dreadful conditions for many hours on trucks without being fed or watered so that many horses die.

Members of the Alsatian group "Défence Animal" wait at the French border for the Polish trucks, accompany them with huge banners "Animal-Death-Transport" and give notice to the authorities.

About 100 transports have been accompanied this way. Police and veterinaries were called and decided whether or not the transports could drive on to their destination.

While in Poland and other eastern countries a horse costs about 300-450 DM in Carpentras or Bordeaux the traders earn 5 times as much. France imports 20,000 horses from East-Europe and Africa every year.

Whether the situation for the horses will improve with the new directions from the European Union has to be seen, for the new directions from Brussels say that animals in trucks with a special equipment can be looked up for up to 29 hours!

Translated from Basler Zeitung 16. Aug. 1996 SDL

Rodents Prefer Organically Grown Products

image: rat

Rats recognise products from biological farming and prefer them to traditionally grown vegetables and cereals. This was confirmed in a study by the Ludwig-Boltzman-Institut for biological farming and applied ecology in Vienna. "If you give the animals a choice, they will eat up to 95% of the organically grown products", explains the director of the institute, Ludwig Maurer. Several different vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, beets as well as cereals were tested.

To get reliable results, the researchers carried out several experiments, where even the researchers themselves did not know during the experiment, which food was coming from the biological and which from the traditional cultivation.

Only at the end of the experiments was the secret of the origin revealed.

From "Kleine Zeitung", Austria, translated by SDL

New Books


IMAGE: vegan

Edited by Walter Steinrüch, February 1996

A very well written, complete and excellently documented book about Veganism in French. The book is the French version of "Veganisme" edited in 1987 by the Vegan Society of the Netherlands.Walter Steinrüch translated and updated the contents of this book, which is believed to be "the most complete" at present book about veganism in French.

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List of Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

If you want to get the list with addresses and informations of about 40 Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris send two international reply coupons to:

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