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Report from Germany

Next year everything will be better...
more rain forest - less dying forests - more food choice - happier animals - less hunger - better figure - more health - cleaner air - better climate
...when still more people go vegetarian!

from EVU News, Issue 3 / 1996

In the issue 1/96 I was quoted as saying that the meat consumption in Germany "dropped from 70kg a person to 60kg in the last year". I am afraid things are not changing that quickly: meat consumption has gone down by about over 10% from 1988 till now which is still a lot.

The atmosphere is changing rapidly which is shown in an inquiry from the big German magazine "Stern" from October 95: 66% of the peoples interviewed said: "Eating less meat is very important". Far more people in Western Germany said so, than in Eastern Germany, because until 1989 there was only little possibility to inform people about vegetarianism in the eastern part of Germany.

As in earlier years we put a big advertisement in one of the most important weekly newspapers in Germany, "Die Zeit", like the one you can see above. We can only do this with the help of our supporters, because we are only a little group of about 10 activists. For our activities we write to the people on our mailing list whose number is more than 2000. Normally about 15-20% give financial support, in this case for the advertisement. After publication the supporters will get a copy of it with a report about people's reactions. So people will see how their money works and we think this is very important.

The best public relation for the vegetarian cause came from the meat industry itself: One scandal followed the other and the mad cow disease will not be the end of it. We think it is more and more important to offer help and information to those who want to start the vegetarian way of living.

For that reason we offer a special meeting in a well-known vegetarian restaurant once a month. We have published a little booklet "Now it's starting" with information and recipes especially for the first month of the vegetarian life to make the start easier. You can order the booklet from us.

We next plan to produce a booklet for younger people, an information booklet for teachers (we have got the publisher but we are still looking for an author) and a compilation of studies with vegetarian/vegan children, because there was a campaign in Germany last month saying that vegetarian nutrition for children is dangerous (we have got an author, but we still need money.).

If you want to contact us please write to:
Thomas Schönberger, Vegetarische Initiative, Curtiusweg 23, 20535 Hamburg, Germany, Tel./Fax +49-4131-83199.