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An Idea to copy: Letters to the editor

from EVU News, Issue 2 / 1996

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in St. Galler Tagblatt, the biggest newspaper in north-eastern Switzerland, 60,000 copies. The letter was an answer to another letter from a farmer's wife who had written some days before Christmas, that all Christians could eat meat with a good conscience.

Meat-eating is a question of conscience.

Mankind has really come up in this world. From plant-eaters of pre-historic times that he has been (compared anatomy) man has arrived at the point that he must eat calves, for they have been bred! And what shall become of all the dairy products, because the cows are artificially fertilised once a year and keep on producing? Nearly all the calves are withdrawn from their mothers shortly after birth and fed artificially in order to save the healthy milk for humans.

To the human organism animal milk is however a foreign body, and illnesses and allergies are the result. The number of the so-called protein-storage-diseases is growing steadily. Man is the only living being that takes milk still after his babyhood. Cow milk has 3,3% of proteins and is meant for a quick growing calf. Womans milk contains 1.2% of protein and is exactly right for the slow growing baby.

The production of one kilogramm of meat needs about 10kg of plant food, mostly imported from the third world. In meat and milk pesticides and other harmful substances are far more concentrated than in plants.

Many chronicle diseases, especially heart disease, are reversible, on a strict raw plant based diet. Many farmers have noticed the signs of the time and converted to vegetable and plant production.

Epidemiological studies with thousands of vegetarians in America, Europe and Asia have proved that the meatless lifestyle is unmistakably healthier.

The evaporation of the ammonia from the liquid manure causes part of the acid rain through transformation into nitric acid. Ammonia clouds from our liquid manure can still be found in Lapland.

Jesus belonged to the Essen brotherhood, who were strict raw food vegetarians. It is unimaginable that he preached mercy and compassion and lived practising cruelty.

Mad cow disease (caused by feeding animal derived feed to cattle), is according to recent studies transmittable to other species and even to man and not only through meat but also through other animal products like milk. (Written 19.1.95!)

People who abstained from meat like Aristoteles, Frances of Assisi, Bircher-Benner, Kollath, Gandhi, Einstein, T.A. Edison, G.B. Shaw, Hieronimus and Basil the Great, Horaz, Seneca, A. von Humbold, Kafka, Kant, Leonardo da Vinci, Ch. Morgenstern, Fr. Nietzsche, Jean Paul, Pythagoras, E. Roth, J.J. Rousseau, Schopenhauer, A. Schweitzer, R. Steiner, l. Tolstoi, Wagner. Many best performances in sport have been obtained with a meatless diet, as from Carl Lewis, Ed Moses, Nurmi, Murray Rose, Martina Navratilova.

In conclusion a quotation from Wilhelm Busch (famous German poet and painter): There will only be a true human culture, when not only the eating of humans but all kind of meat-eating is regarded as cannibalism.

Sigrid De Leo

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sigrid De Leo

I would have been much impressed by Maxwell Lee's words had they been written by a German, a Frenchman, a Russian, a Spaniard or a Chinese speaker!

The words are contained in his letter to you in Issue 1/1996: English seems to be generally accepted as the international language. If the IVU General Secretary is right, why is it that, in the EU, no language, spoken by a member state, may be chosen to have preference over the other languages used? Thus every document and speech has to be translated into every other EU language. 110 different directions of translations are thus required. The cost of this is staggering, amounting to one third the cost of the Commissions total budget.

For historical reasons, English has been accepted as the working language at Conferences of the IVU, but non-English delegates are not happy about this.

All that is required to solve the problem is a single, effective language that is not spoken by any one nation as its own, yet is simple constructed that it can be learnt to fluency by every nation in the world.

Such a language exists and it has been three times recommended to the nations of the world by UNESCO. Its name is Esperanto.

If any reader would like further information about the international language they may phone or write to:

William Simcock, Clayton House, Butterton, Leek, Staffs.Great Britain, ST13 7SR, Tel +44 1538 304240

With this letter we will end the discussion about the used language in EVU News.