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Editorial from the Secretary

from EVU News, Issue 2 / 1996

Dear Readers and Friends,

Thanks to your contributions here again is a voluminous edition of our EVU News.

Reading the reports on the AGM 96 in Trogen you will learn that it was a good idea to have it organized as a 4-day meeting. I hope you will join us next time!

The main events of the imminent summer are the Olympic Games in Atlanta and, of course, the IVU Congress in Pittsburgh.

In connection with the Olympic Games you you may read with interest what the Deputy President of IVU, Prof. Dr. Marcel Hebbelinck said about Vegetarian Nutrition, Physical Activity and Athletic Performance in a workshop at the 5th EVU Congress in Bratislava 1995. By the way, if you have news of high level sportswomen or -men, we would be grateful if you could send a documented report to the EVU office as we are collecting all the data.

Then I would like to draw your attention to the other articles about BSE by Dr. Walter Schmidt and a little study about what famous naturalists thought about Omnivorous or Vegetarian by the Secretary of the Canarian Vegetarian Assocition Dr. Luis Vallejo Rodriguez.

I want to applogize for the incomplete addresses of the List of Members in the last EVU News (a joke played by the computer), there will be an updated complete one in the next EVU News.

I am glad to say that there is a growing interest in the vegetarian movement which shows in the list of the new members of last year.

As I will be attending the IVU Congress in Pittsburgh, I will be absent from the EVU office from July 17th to August 7th.

Hoping that you enjoy reading this edition of our newsletter and looking forward to meeting some of you in Pittsburgh.

Yours sincerely

Sigrid De Leo

Financial help to EVU by giving an extra DM

Perhaps you remember the appeal of Heinz Kottkamp, treasurer of EVU, that every single member of the member societies should make a donation of 1 DM a year in order to help EVU financially. The idea was that 1 DM should be paid in addition to the normal fee of the society where the member belongs to and that the society should pay the whole sum into the account of EVU. The Vegetarier Bund Deutschlands and the Schweizer Waerland Bewegung voted in favour of the appeal on their AGMs and our special thanks go to those two societies!