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New Book - The Silent Ark

by Juliet Gellatley with Tony Wardle

from EVU News, Issue 2 / 1996

image: book cover With extraordinary timing and superb perception, Juliet Gellatley's book The Silent Ark touches the very heart of public concern over BSE (mad cow disease). It reveals the political deceit and commercial self interest which led to the growth of BSE but, frighteningly, shows that this is only the beginning. By ignoring nature, modern farming techniques have produced a system of agriculture which is unsustainable and which is increasingly threatening human life. It is all part of meat culture which, quite literally, is destroying the planet.

The Silent Ark is obtainable in a signed first edition at the cost of £6.99 from:
Viva!, P.O. Box 212, Crewe Cheshire WI 4SD
Tel:01270 522500 / Fax 01270 522511

Also available from all good book shops or see further details of The Silent Ark on the Viva! web pages.