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A little story about a 'lion'.

from EVU News, Issue 1, 1996

No, 'Ali' or 'Omar' or 'Sahib' certainly is not his name, the name of our little asylum seeker, because he definitely is born in our neighbourhood, in the 'Lüneburger Heide', where only 'Lion-ants' (Plannipennia) exist in wilderness as a larva of 'ants-dragonfly', a sort of 'crape-flies'. We call him simply Peter, Piere, Pietro or Pit. To all these names he listens mostly - or not, our little guest for some weeks ago. Purringly he lets us caress him and enjoys visibly and audibly our presence and the food given to him. The well disposed reader already has found out: a small yellow Tomcat was sitting freezing in front of our front door, not even lamenting. And whose heart does not feel compassion with a creature needing help with such terrible degrees of cold?

Easily said and written. That is the beginning of a problem in a vegetarian household. Well, we had already 'meat-eating mammals' as visitors. No, not only human beings who disregard or do not know God's order at the beginning of the Holy Bible, the order about what to eat, but also dogs and cats who greet us wagging their tails and obviously like to stay with us. There was once a little pussy-cat, which neighbours had found in a dust bin and saved. Some contemporaries thus not only throw away their 'waste of consumption' but this way also gets rid of troublesome fellow-citizens in our 'throw away society'.

Well, this little pussycat found its Good Samaritan, got some milk and ... a lady from the neighbourhood even gave him soy sausages from the health food store. We tried to feed him our fried oats burgers, made from soy flour, buckwheat, millet flakes, sometimes a bit of cheese and even onions and garlic, cut into little pieces. All was devoured ravenously. So did 'Hektor' the big boxer, a dog, we often look after. He prefers the home made food to the dog food. How is that possible? We know that the director of the famous circus Sarrasani, Hans Stosch-Sarrasani fed, his beasts of prey, lions, tigers and leopards vegetarian food, when meat was very expensive in the twenty's. He even had grown a special nut, the Xeriva-nut for this purpose in Brazil. His animals were healthy, their fur was shining brightly and they did their tricks excellently. Only their aggressiveness calmed down and they became peaceful even among each other. Is that perhaps an indication that human beings could thus become more peaceful?

As we see even beasts of prey can be fed vegetarian. And men born as herbivorous can live as carnivores in case of need. For example the Eskimos on the edge of the eternal ice, they often had to do so in order to survive. But even they cannot exist without plant food. They eat the vegetable contents of the stomach of their prey. 'Eskimo' is an Indian mockery name and means 'rawflesh eater'. They call themselves 'Inuit', real human beings, and do not have a term for 'war'. But they have an average life expectancy of only 42 years.
[image: girl with cat]
Vegetarian Franz Marc:
'Girl with Cat' 1912

It might be remembered that Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophy, has said already in a lecture in 1923: "There are animals, that don't eat meat, like our cows. If we could do the experiment to feed meat to a herd of oxen, the oxen would go mad." Man 'succeeded' in the experiment when he transformed the waste of the slaughterhouses through the 'Scraper-process' into 'flesh flour' or 'flesh-soup' and fed it to the cows in order to get more and 'better' milk and meat. The connection to BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) is obvious!

But back to our little Peter: Every day he accompanies me to a nearby pasture, where two Iceland ponys, 24 and 25 years old, spend the even of their life. We bring them remains of fruit and vegetables or just caress them. Our little 'lion' is enjoying all that and sniffs his surrounding area with his tail up in the air. Mice and birds do not interest him or do not interest him any more. He ignores the bird house with food in our garden, but he likes the yarn reel very much that we use to play with.

With St. Francis wishing all readers PAX ET BONUM

- pasdeloup - Werner