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Editorial from the Secretary & Invitation to the AGM

from EVU News, Issue 1 / 1996

[image: Sigrid]

Editorial from the secretary

Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the letters, phone-calls and faxes that told us in a way or another that you liked our EVU News. After 7 months in the EVU secretariat I can tell you that there is a growing interest in the Vegetarian Lifestyle and that I have to answer letters coming from all over the world. I was surprised to see how many people even from the remotest parts of the globe know about the EVU.

On the other hand I am sorry to say that some of our member-societies have not yet noticed that the secretariat is no longer in the Netherlands but in Switzerland. They continue to send their letters, communications and magazines to the old address.

There are more than 30 registrations for the AGM in Trogen/Switzerland. If you too would like to take part you should register immediately. There are still some rooms free.

Swiss journalists wrote about the recently elected minister of traffic and energy as 'a confessing vegetarian'. Let us all (not only the leaders of the vegetarian or vegan societies) be confessing vegetarians. Let us all tell people that we do not eat any living being, for the benefit of animals, for the benefit of our body and soul, and for the salvation of our planet! You will see that a lot of those you are talking to, will follow your example.

Hoping that you enjoy reading EVU News.

Yours sincerely
Sigrid De Leo

[image: Trogen]

Invitation to the AGM

EVU's Annual General Meeting - 16-19.5.96 - Trogen, Switzerland

Picture: Pestalozzi Village, Trogen


  1. Opening by the president.
  2. Minutes of the last AGM (Bratislawa).
  3. Report by the secretary.
  4. Financial report by the treasurer.
  5. Report by the auditors.
  6. Vacancies, stepping down are: Sigrid De Leo, secretary - Igor Bukowsky, deputy president - John Mitchel, deputy treasurer - Rob Snijders - Irena Medkova - Arne Winquist, board-members - Diane and Marcel Hebbelinck, auditors. All can be re-elected.
  7. Presentation of the EVU Congress ITALIA 97.
  8. Possibility of family membership.
  9. Should individual members have a say in meetings? (What kind of?)
  10. Subscription fee - EVU / IVU.
  11. Renewal of membership automatically or annual survey? (Has to be added to the constitution.)
  12. EVU News, development, possibility of more efficient production and distribution, extra copies, price.
  13. Should adoptions of small and financial weak societies be updated and stimulated?
  14. Strategies for promoting vegetarianism.
  15. Info leaflets at disposition of the secretariat in different languages.
  16. Eventually reports from the attending societies (max. 5-10 min. in written form).
  17. Other business.
Only members have a vote at the meeting and only if they have paid their annual subscription.

Don't hesitate to send your application, there is still a room for you!

The secretary
Sigrid De Leo


From the Secretary, Change of Tel. and Fax Number of the Secretariat from 30.3.96:
old: ++41-71-726445

There is a secretariat's E-Mail Address now:


Please pay your subscrition as soon as possible. There are a lot of expenses although our work is free.

Pay to: Giroaccount Number 999.151 Kreissparkasse, D-67653 Kaiserslautern
Clearing Number (BLZ): 540.502.20

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration!

The Hon. Secretary
Sigrid De Leo