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Reports from Sweden

from EVU News Issues 3+4 1995

Svenska Vegetariska Föreningen

Stockholm 5th November 1995

World Vegetarian Day, October 1st.

Eight restaurants in Stockholm and some in other places of Sweden offered vegetarian food to everyone at the low price of SEK 30.-. In Stockholm a seminar was held with a famous actor - Per Ragnar, vegetarian since 35 years - and other speakers. A lot of magazines wrote about the day.

For the next year, we the Swedish Vegetarian Society, the Vegan Society and Hulsofrumjandet are planning to organize school campaigns and we will try to have all schools serve vegetarian food that day. That is our goal.

This autumn we have been participating in a lot of fairs.

We arranged movie evenings showing films "Fool or dairy", "Diet for a New America", "Devour on Earth" etc. Besides we organized a lot of cooking courses, teaching people how to cook delicious vegetarian food.

We have also opened a restaurant in the Vegetarian Society premises, serving only "living food". It is popular. At our restaurant we also show how to recycle everything. We throw all the organic rubbish to the compost, and in the earth , made by the worms we are growing sprouts.

The interest in vegetarianism is rather great in Sweden and especially young people are becoming vegetarians. But we are very worried about militant actions made by smaller groups of vegans and vegetarians. The magazines are paying very much attention to those actions. A lot of people have not reflected about vegans before those militant events.

Our organizations do the utmost not to be brought in connection with those actions, but we find it very difficult to have the magazines and newspapers being interested in the vegan/vegetarian peace message.

There have also been published some articles in Swedish magazines stating, that pregnant vegan women risk their childs life because mother and child are lacking vitamin B12. The magazines refused to publish our informations regarding B12, but we will continue to argue with them.

World Vegan Day, 1st of November. There were a lot of activities all about Sweden that day.

All vegans and vegetarians from Sweden are wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Vegetarian Year 1996 to all EVU members.

Swedish Vegetarian society, Monica Engström, President and Vegan society, Sweden, Ulla Tröeng, President

- Anette Svedberg, President, Stockholm