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Vegetarianism in Russia in 1995

from EVU News Issues 3+4, 1995

Vegetarian movement in Russia developed in the two main directions in 1995: promoting vegetarian issues and carrying out research.

The Medical Centre of the Vegetarian Society in Russia directed by Irina Medkova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Vice-President of the Society, is enlarging the scope of its work.

The Society not only published a new book on vegetarianism and organized a third edition of its book "All About Vegetarianism" but also managed to send a message about the work of the Society of vegetarianism: medical, ethical - through radio and television. Mrs. Medkova spoke twice over the radio and was shown in a big TV programme (45 minutes) "Tema", which is watched practically by all. Mrs. Medkova touched all the aspects and was herself a living proof of vegetarian good health.

The Society also issued leaflets pointing out the moral side of giving up eating flesh.

A good advance was made in research being carried out by the Medical Centre of the Vegetarian society. The Society works out rations based on scientific data, which included all the necessary food ingredients: minerals, vitamins etc.

The Medical Centre conducted a very interesting experiment in one of Moscow's hospitals on the outskirts of the city: 20 patients with cardio-vascular disturbances were treated by giving them only vegetarian food, cooked according to the menus prepared by the Medical Centre. Another group of patients at the hospital was treated in a conventional way - by drugs.

The results were astounding - for the people who did not believe in vegetarianism: all the patients recovered and their blood tests were normal after the treatment (less than a month) and the patients got very enthusiastic about vegetarian rations at the end of the treatment, although at the beginning they were horrified by the prospect of living on salads.

Tatyana Pavlova, President, Vegetarian Society in Russia