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Reports from Romania

from EVU News Issues 3+4, 1995

Societatea Vegetarieniler din Rumania Report 1995

Rumanian Vegetarian Society is legally registered at the Court Law from January 31, 1991. The Society has 100 members, and it has branches in other towns in Romania like: Braila, Petrosani, Sibiu, Onesti, Tg. Mures, etc., besides there is an Esperanto Vegetarian Society, and Esperanto Vegetarian Railwaymens' Society.

Our Society makes really efforts to spread Vegetarianism in Romania. The fee for our members is only symbolic: that is one dollar per year!

We meet every Tuesday for discussions. Once a month we have conferences and other cultural manifestations. Examples for topics: "Vegetarian diet and immunity of human body", "The fructivore diet-Lausanne-Suisse", "Vegetarianism and Ecology", "First steps in Vegetarian Diet", "Fruits and their value"

Some members of our Society took part in international meeting in Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Slovakia.

For the moment there is no vegetarian food shop, neither is there a lacto-vegetarian restaurant in town. It is very necessary. We feel the need of a partner abroad to help us in this respect. Have you any sugestions? We can assure here the distribution etc.

As about the fruits and vegetables to be found in our markets, they have good value since they come from farmers' gardens being cultivated in a traditional way, chemical products not being used.

The medical plants (simple) are in Romania of great value. M.Traian Moceau, one of our members, has interesting results in this areas.

We received EVU NEWS and it is very useful for us. We need more printed matter, leaflets, posters, brochures for propaganda.

We will contribute to your projects, with pleasure, all you need.

We hope that our relationship with the Vegetarian World will be for the benefit of all the people.

dr. Victoria Gerun
ing. Olimpia Zeit
Tehn. Adalbert Sturm

Romanian Vegetarian Society
dr. Victoria Gerun
str. Dragalina 73/3
3400 Cluj Napoca
Tel. 064 - 19 37 55

Annual Report of the Romanian Vegetarians Society 1995

During 1995 our Society has had the following achievements, which may be small, but they are essential:
  • weekly meetings of the members of the society
  • enrollment of 20 new members
  • opening of 4 branches in the country, including Bucharest, the capital of the country
  • joint association with another organization, ELTA, which has similar goals, which is under the auspices of The Romanian Vegetarians Society. The president of ELTA became vice-president of our organization
  • a similar joint association with the ESPERANTO Society, its president becoming executive secretary of our society
  • organization, at the end of this year, of a forum of vegetarians with international participation in Cluj-Napoca
For better support and acknowledgement of our society, we propose that one of the members of the board of EVU should be in charge of the activity of the Romanian organization.

With the hope in a better year, we are very optimistic regarding the future of vegetarianism in our country and in the world.

President, Dr. Mircea Matusan


Members of the Romania Vegetarean Society would like to become penfriends with vegetarians from different European countries. Languages: Romanian, English, German, Hungarian.

Please contact:
Societatia Vegetarienilor din Romania
Str. Costei 12
RO-3400 Cluj-Napoca
Tel. +40 64 140386