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Report from Norway

from EVU News Issues 3+4, 1995

Ernst Røgler sends the following information:

Last summer, the "Norges Vegetariske Landsforbund", which was founded in 1930 by Ernsts father, joined with a vegetarian youth association.

The new society is called "Norsk Vegetarforening" and has 300 members. They work together with other groups of similar ideas, like animal rights. Unity makes stronger! All the collaborators in the society are volunteers.

They put a special emphasis on giving information to the public through press, radio and in their magazine "Vegetarnytt" which has 1000 copies. They organize cooking courses and give out recipes . A vegetarian library and a health food store is at their disposition. Several times a year they have a stall in Oslo where they distribute leaflets and vegetarian food from Ernsts restaurant "Vegeta". Vegeta is in the center of the city and offers vegetarian dishes to upto 400 guests a day. The restaurant is also meeting-point for their monthly assemblies and in december there is going to be a big Christmas Party.