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Report from Denmark

from EVU News Issues 3+4, 1995

In Denmark quite a change has taken place at the organizational level. This spring we united the Danish Vegetarian Society (Dansk Vegetarforening) with the former Vegetarisk Information. Both organizations have always been very small and weak, the society from 1896 and V.I. from 1981, but at least now we have become one. Still now, we have less than 400 members and no employees.

In general, the vegetarian movement in Denmark is developing very slowly. Compared to other countries only a few vegetarian restaurants exist and nobody knows for sure how many vegetarians there are. On the other hand, being a vegetarian is not rare and you can easily find a lot to eat in most ordinary restaurants. But it is my guess e.g. that the time for launching a pleasant thing like an official V-symbol to signal suitability for vegetarians has not yet come.

Next year we can celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Danish Vegetarian Society. We have big plans and hope that the time has come for an elevation of our work and for the vegetarian message in Denmark. We hope to organize a national campaign, Project Green Day, on the International Vegetarian Day, Oct. 1st 1996, in supermarkets, restaurants and schools. We will cooperate with major societies for the combating of disease, authorities, sales organizations and media. Even if we have no money for the time being, this summer I have quit my job and moved close to Copenhagen for the same reason. If we can get support for the project, I will be happy to be the full time responsible project head. If not, I guess I have to return to an ordinary job and work for the Veg. Society only in my spare time - we'll see...

Henrik Hedegård, president of the Danish Vegetarian Society