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from IVU Newsletter, April/May 1996

Australian Air Force Moves Our Way

Australian Air Force chefs are learning vegetarian cooking - Robert Fraser, President of the Vegetarian Society of Western Australia has informed us.

Thirty two chefs in the Royal Australian Air Force took part in a vegetarian cooking training programme operated by the Nutrition Service of the Sanitarium Health Food Company in Australia.

Chefs from the RAAF base in Brisbane learned vegetarian cookery from two Sanitarium employees. According to the demonstrators, the chefs were amazed at the versatility of the Sanitarium range of canned protein foods and enjoyed preparing and eating the food. The company is now considering making their training programme available throughout Australia. The Sanitarium Company is managed and owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church South Pacific Division.

It is good to know that the Australian Air Force is beginning to take notice of the potential of vegetarian foods. Hopefully they will soon be on the menu for all the armed forces.

In the United Kingdom vegetarian provision is available in all the Armed Forces, in hospitals and in prisons in many schools. Increasingly vegan diets are being provided when requested. We need to make every effort to encourage vegetarian provision everywhere. Do let us know what happens in your country?

Peace Conference

The 16th General Conference of the International Peace Research Association is taking place at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, Australia from 8th - 12th July, 1996. Full details and booking forms are available from:
Ralph Summy, Department of Government, University of Queensland, QLD 4072, Australia
Telephone 00 61 7 3365, Fax 00 61 7 3365 1388;

Conference rates, accommodation and meals are at reasonable rates. There is no mention of special meals in the booking form but assume all will be well since Peter Singer is listed as a speaker. Apply if you wish to present a paper. I am sure they would welcome and benefit from a lecture on the vegetarian role in world peace. Often people do not see a relationship between peace and the vegetarian approach.

Fred Whittle

We regret to announce the death of Fred Whittle, founder of the Vegan Society of Australia and former Hon. Secretary of the Australian Vegetarian Society, at the age of 93 years on 20th September, 1995 in Melbourne, Australia. A long standing supporter of IVU, he was for some time an Hon.Vice President of IVU.

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