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World Congress and Elections, Euro AGM
from IVU Newsletter, February/March 1996


29th July - 4th August, 1996

Yes, it is World Vegetarian Congress time again!!

Come and join us and encourage your members to come too. It will be a very good congress organized by the North American Vegetarian Society. They have plenty of experience having previously hosted a world congress in 1984 and running their own annual congress called Vegetarian Summerfest. It promises to be a good opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

There will be a good range of lectures by many internationally known lecturers on all aspects of vegetarianism. A range of workshops and excursions will ensure there is something for everyone. In addition, there will be a full social programme. The venue is the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania campus at Johnstown. Double rooms with private facilities or with facilities shared between two rooms in modern recently built accommodation are close to the lecture and restaurant buildings. The area is very attractive and in the Appalachian Mountains.

Brochures and booking forms from NAVS or from IVU headquarters. Contact NAVS, P.O. Box 72, Dolgeville, New York 13329 or telephone 00 1 518 568 7970 or IVU at the headquarters.

Elections 1996

During the world congress in Johnstown there will be an opportunity for member society representatives to vote for the International Council which will run IVU until the next world vegetarian congress.

Each member society has a number of votes from one to ten according to the number of members they have. The number of votes is:-

 1 for up to		150 
 2 for		151 -   650 
 3 for		651 -  1150 
 4 for		1151 - 1650 
 5 for		1651 - 2150 
 6 for		2151 - 2650 
 7 for		2651 - 3150 
 8 for		3151 - 3650 
 9 for		4151 - 4650 
10 for		4651 upwards 
Proxy votes are not allowed so you need to have representatives present at the meeting of member societies to exercise your right to vote.

Both the President, Shri Surendra Mehta, and the Deputy President, Professor Marcel Hebbelinck, have served the maximum period allowed by the Constitution in their respective positions. Member societies will need to nominate people for these two posts.

The International Council is composed of the Officers and eight elected members. Member societies will elect eight people to serve on the International Council until the next world congress. Nominations by member societies can be sent to the Hon. General Secretary to be received before 15th July since he will leave home for the USA then.

The Hon. General Secretary and Hon. Treasurer are appointed by the International Council. Should you require any advice, contact the Hon. General Secretary.

EVU Meeting in May 1996

The Annual General Meeting of European Vegetarian Union will take place at the Pestalozzi Village in Trogen, Eastern Switzerland from 16th - 19th May. The main business meeting is Friday, 17th May and there is a very attractive sightseeing programme for participants in this beautiful part of Switzerland.

All are welcome and the cost is low so write to Sigrid De Leo (see the EVU web page). Sigrid would appreciate societies sending her one copy of any leaflets they produce in English, French, Italian and Spanish which she might copy and send to inquirers.

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