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The Shocking and Ruthless Trade in Animal Parts

IVU News - Issue 3 - 1998

Bears rescued from vile traders in illegal wildlife products.

Rescued tiger saved from the appalling trade in tiger bones, fur and body parts.

The deadly but thriving trade in illegal animal parts - second only to the illegal drugs trade - involves the slaughter of highly endangered species such as bears, tigers, leopards, golden cats and Tibetan antelopes whose fur goes to produce shawls traded in India for tiger bones destined for China.

The disgusting and diseased materials thus obtained - skins, skulls, teeth, bones, claws, bladders, penises and other organs torn from viciously butchered living beings - are then used to concoct an exotic variety of expensive and harmful potions which, incredibly, are still sought after by ignorant and superstitious consumers as so-called traditional medicines and foods.

The Thai Society for the Conservation of Wild Animals, in co-operation with Care for the Wild International, the World Society for the Protection of Animals and other international animal welfare and conservation groups is working to protect bears - exploited as exotic 'emperor' food in Thailand, where bear-paw soup is considered a delicacy - and tigers which are illegally hunted for their skins and bones, as well as other endangered species.

[For information on protecting Asia’s diminishing wildlife, contact: Tim Redford, Director, Thai Society for the Conservation of Wild Animals, 32 Prathum Ct 85/3-8 Soi Rajaprarop Makkasan, Bangkok 10400, Thailand, Fax: +66-2-248-1490. E-mail:]

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