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IVU News - Issue 3 - 1998

Jan Beeldman welcomes Dr. P. K. Jain as new IVU Regional Secretary for Africa

Several years ago I gave notice that I wanted to step down as Regional Secretary for Africa and with the advancing years I felt that continuity of this service has become more important by the day.

I also felt that this office deserves a more dynamic person to cope with the problems such as poverty, unemployment and malnutrition which inhibit the growth of a thriving vegetarian movement.

It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. P. K. Jain, presently Chairman of the Vegetarian Society of Botswana who, with the assistance of his committee, has accepted the Regional Secretaryship of the International Vegetarian Union.

Welcome Dr. Jain: I wish you encouragement in your endevours to promote a vegetarian lifestyle and philosophy.

[Dr. P. K. Jain, P. O. Box 2178, Gaborone, Botswana. Fax: +267 356591 Tel.: +267 356171. E-mail:]

In conclusion I wish to thank those who assisted me in my work over the last 17 years.

- Jan Beeldman. Linden, South Africa.

[In appreciation of his many years of service, IVU has appointed Jan Beeldman as an Honorary Patron and life member.]

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Ancient Chinese herb does wonders in Thailand

As a cancer survivor, I would like to share with others how an unforgettable experience taught me the importance of good health.

Having reached the lowest ebb in life, aching all over, continually coughing and unable to eat or socialise with friends, with the help of an interpreter I sought the advice of a newly arrived Chinese doctor. He told me of an ancient Chinese herb called Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphylum) which had benefited many of his patients and a friend brought me some from China to plant and nurture organically.

After enjoying the herb tea daily for several weeks, both I and the elderly neighbours with whom I shared it felt well and able to sleep better. After six months, I felt less stressed and began to lose some of the weight that I had previously been unable to reduce despite plenty of exercise.

I was so encouraged by the herbís positive effects that I started to gather reports, articles, research leaflets and any information I could find, with the help of friends who planted the shoots I gave them and also became regular consumers of the herb. I also submitted some samples of the herb for Food and Drug Administration approval.

Eight years later, I feel healthy, strong and energetic, able to enjoy life again and to share with everyone the incalculable benefit and blessing that this wonderful herb has brought to me and to many others.

The wonders that this tiny ancient herb can perform are a reminder of the many wonderful benefits of nature for which we should be forever thankful.

- Ms. Leticia M. Smithapindhu. Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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