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The Great Australian Kangaroo Massacre
IVU News - Issue 3 - 1998

kangaroosHorrifying reports have been reaching Europe about the inhuman way in which illegal 'lampers' (spotlightkillers) are shooting kangaroos in Australia. Up to twenty thousand are killed per night, including the joeys who are pulled from the pouches of their dead or dying mothers and their little heads smashed by the boots of the killers.

These simple-minded sadists, sodden with beer and whisky, regard themselves as heros as they make their way home in landrovers festooned with the bodies of dead and dying kangaroos.

Australians are not keen on 'skippy meat' - described by Dr. Paul Hopwood from the University of Sydney as 'worm nests' (Dirofilaria roemeri) - so the international meat mafia are trying to introduce the product in Europe. At the same time, the European Community is sitting on an unsaleable meat mountain of 700,000 metric tons due to the BSE scare. Once the storage costs go over the actual meat value it will have to be destroyed. And the kangaroo meat pushers will face the same problem as soon as the public learn that their tainted product can also carry toxoplasma, viral diseases, salmonellosis and gangrene, and that there is never any post mortem inspection of carcasses by an independent meat hygienist. A viral epidemic may indeed be the cause of the choroid blindness among animals in New South Wales, and nobody knows how human consumers might be affected. Serving the meat 'well done' may well reduce the risk, but it makes kangaroo flesh virtually inedible. So for anyone in their right mind, there is only one option: stay away from it and donít even think of feeding it to your dog or cat.

I have been in Australia a number of times and I love Sydney, the wonderful people there, the climate and everything else, but I will not return so long as the kangaroo massacres continue. Instead, I shall be informing the public about this horror and start a campaign to discourage tourism to Australia until the killing stops. If the information on diseases transmitted through kangaroo meat is made available to potential consumers in Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium - where the meat mafia are trying hard to get a foothold to cash in on the BSE disaster - the appetite and demand for kangaroo meat could drop significantly. I further propose a boycott of all Australian goods until this scandal is brought to an end.

Having a good number of friends in Australia, I know there is public opposition to the horrible slaughter methods used by the spotlight-massacre rowdies, and I am confident that with local and international help this shameful business (described by some cynics as a 'harvest') will eventually be stopped. Sceptics may find it interesting to know that my personal outrage and appeals for the removal of three anti-animal paragraphs in the last printing of the new Roman Catholic catechism - and the outpouring of international protests which followed - prompted the Vatican, against all expectations, to agree to revise the articles, showing what The Guardian in the UK reported as 'a responsiveness to public pressure not usually associated with the Vatican'.

So let us join together to accomplish a similar exercise for the helpless, innocent kangaroos whom Australians once proudly adopted as their national symbol.

- Hans Fischinger

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