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IVU Annual Report 2006

Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA)
Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D. President of the Jewish Vegetarians Of North America

The JVNA Online Newsletters has continued to go out to 600-700 people weekly throughout most of the year. These newsletters are often forwarded by members to other groups.

We continue to expand our website and the over 130 vegetarian-related items by Richard Schwartz ( )

Through articles, letters to the editor campaigns, and working with other vegetarian groups, we continue to help promote vegetarianism in the Jewish community and beyond by utilizing news reports of current events, such as global warming effects, the avian bird flu, a recent video about the mistreatment of animals at a glatt kosher slaughterhouse in Iowa, and a forthcoming movie on global warming.

JVNA is producing a documentary video tentatively titled "So It Is Written: Applying Jewish Values to Help Save an Imperiled World." Multi-award winning filmmaker Lionel Friedberg is producing the video which will stress that a shift toward vegetarianism and greater involvement in environmental issues is essential to move the world to a sustainable path.

Complimentary copies of the video will be sent out to Rabbis and other Jewish leaders, Jewish educators, synagogues, Jewish schools, and others as part of a campaign to get vegetarianism and related issues onto the Jewish agenda.

We plan to expand efforts to reach out to the Jewish community and other groups in arguing that a shift toward vegetarianism is a Jewish imperative because the production and consumption of animal products violates Jewish mandates to protect our health, treat animals with compassion, preserve the environment, conserve natural resources, help hungry people, and seek and pursue peace, and a shift toward vegetarianism is also a societal imperative because of the many health and environmental effects of animals-based diets and agriculture.

JVNA president Richard H. Schwartz was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) at the NAVS Summerfest in the summer of 2005.