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IVU Annual Report 2006

Welcome to the 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress


Reality of a lifestyle... The Vegetarian Way

The Vegetarian Way is no more a concept. It used to be, but now it has become a scientific fact of a healthy way of living.

This is a special invitation to become acquainted in depth with all aspects of the Reality of a vegetarian lifestyle from experts, doctors, alternative therapists, nutritionists, herbalists, cooks, and experienced vegetarians from the East and West.

Welcome to the 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress from 10th September to 16th September, 2006 in Goa. We feel Goa is an ideal resort place to learn, relax, be peaceful and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the environment. Please enjoy the health promoting foods and concentrate on your own personal needs, as well as the far-reaching benefits you will achieve in the future. In this way, we urge you to become friends of the universe and the innocent animals.

President, The Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life)


General Secretary

The Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life) and the undersigned being Gen. Secretary welcome you to the 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress. This is not a routine congress or a seminar but a special one and I welcome you from my heart. It is not surprising that a congress like this would take place in India, a country full of spiritualism and vegetarianism, with a majority of the population being vegetarian.

Globalization has made the world smaller and there is now more interaction between countries and their human beings. Unfortunately, this ease of communications is helping non-vegetarian beliefs to travel at a fast pace from West to East. The younger generation are sitting on the fence, not knowing where to jump.

We hope this Congress will create a better awareness of the benefits of vegetarianism. We welcome all to Goa, the venue for the congress.

Heartiest welcome to everyone!!!

Jashu Shah,
General Secretary, The Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life)