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IVU Annual Report 2006

Food for Life Eco Village


The Mission of the Food for Life Rural Eco Village & Rural Academy for Youth (FFLRAY) is to serve as a cooperative collaboration of impassioned individuals, groups, organizations, member clients and sponsors partnering with Food for Life Global (FFLG), to bring about peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of karma-free vegetarian meals. Our wish is to do this now, post Katrina and Rita, by complimenting our humanitarian aid to those still affected in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast regions by adding a new holistic perspective and infrastructure.


Hurricanes Katrina and Rita of 2005 continue to negatively impact the mind, body and soul of the people living in the Gulf coast region. Many are still in awe of the destructive power of nature still evident in the region almost one year later. Today in New Orleans, streets are still polluted with toxic waste, waterways contaminated and public infrastructure in shambles. The combined effects of the hurricanes' wrath couples with the dramatic predictions for the hurricane season of 2006 have many rethinking of how to survive with such an uncertain future ahead?

Heralding the call of Mother Nature to "return back to our roots". Food for Life Global aims to address this socio-environmental crisis by a practical demonstration of good ethical "green living."


Permaculture, in the form of an ec0-village, we believe, is the answer to such an environmental, social, spiritual and economic disaster of this scale. FFLG's goals for this project are to expand our outreach efforts from our base within the pristine natural landscape of New Talavan, a 1200 acre organic farm and cow sanctuary located less than one hour outside of New Orleans in Hancock County, Mississippi.

Creating a thriving permaculture eco-village in partnership with FFLG's culture of hospitality, is the assured way of accomplishing our collective goals with our partners and members - living out our mission with a committment to the environment and the community we serve. Something organic, soulful, self-sustaining, ancient and yet futuristic must be employed as we carry this commitment with us now and into the future for many generations to come.

The legacy of the Food for Life RAY Project will come to be known for generations to come as, "the best of the best" that the art of green living has to offer. The Food for Life Eco-village will also stand better equipped to continue its humanitarian service goals in the region as an emergency relief and response center. Our relief operations in that area have distributed more than 50,000 karma-free meals since Katrina and Rita and we have no plans of stopping. To date, thousands have benefitted from the donations of our members and supporters in response to the disasters of last year. For this we are truly grateful.

We believe strongly that reshaping our own infrastructure and destiny in the Gulf coast region into one that is synergistically self sustaining, in harmony with nature and less dependent on outside resources, is the right action for FFLG's operations to take. To survive through the coming challenges nature poses, we must balance our place within our environment. The necessity for having proactive solutions in place to respond to such disasters in the future is paramount. By cultivating an organic farming system and a low-impact permaculture lifestyle, we will have the means to feed tens of thousands more between now and the end of the hurrican season 2006.

Kitchen Design

Empowered with the designs of the legendary Earth architect, Nader Khalili, as the visual centerpiece of this eco-village, we plan to make this a flagship operation of FFLG's efforts in the United States and in the 50 other countries served.; A portfolio of Mr. Khalili's work is available in the photo gallery of his website, . His etherically beautiful hurricane and tornado resistant architecture has received praise from such celebrities as Hollywood's Woody Harrelson as well as numerous NASA officials.

For more information: Food for Life Global