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Toronto looks ahead to the year 2000
World Vegetarian Congress
IVU News - Issue 1-96

Following the decision to host the 34th World Vegetarian Congress in Canada, in the year 2000, the Toronto Vegetarian Association is now looking ahead to plans for the IVU millennium congress in Toronto, as well as to innumerable local events in the intervening period.

Some successes in 1996 included the society's vegetarian awareness campaign - which culminated in a World Vegetarian Day party at City Hall with supper, cookery demonstrations and panel discussions - as well as the 12th annual Vegetarian Food Fair which, despite torrential rain, attracted more than 8,000 people. A powerful talk by Howard Lyman and the "Not Dressed to Kill" fashion show were some of the highlights of the fair, where copious free samples of all manner of delicious vegetarian foods were available.

[photo: Toronto]

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