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Advertising success in Germany
IVU News - Issue 1-96

Vegetarische Initiative is a small German action group which runs a vegetarian advertising campaign with donations obtained from some of the 2,000 people on their mailing list. Supporters are kept informed of any public reaction and can see how their money is being used in any specific project.

[pic: cow & pig]A major weekly, Die Zeit, carried one of Vegetarische Initiative's biggest advertisements with the caption, "Next year things will be better...if more people go vegetarian", using a cartoon cow and pig to explain the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle in animal welfare, environmental and human health terms.

Vegetarische Initiative reports a 10 per cent reduction in meat consumption in Germany since 1988 and quotes a survey by Stern magazine which showed that two thirds of those questioned believed that cutting down on meat was a positive and meaningful action, a trend which is of increasing concern to the German meat industry. The fact that this trend was less evident in the former East Germany was proof that publicity campaigns over a longer period in the western area had borne fruit.

A further advertisement, planned for the end of 1996, will feature prominent musicians and sportspeople, with the message that although we cannot promise that everyone will acquire the looks, strength or talents of these people we can promise a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

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