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Agreement between IVU and VUNA

This document is 'Appendix D' to the IVU Bylaws


1) Relationship between IVU and VUNA

  1. IVU and VUNA recognize the independence and autonomy of each organization.
  2. IVU recognizes that VUNA was formed by IVU member organizations in North America in order to represent and promote IVU within the region, which is comprised of the countries of the United States of America and Canada..
  3. IVU agrees to VUNA being its Regional Organization for North America in accordance with S.4 of the IVU Articles of Association.
  4. IVU agrees that VUNA shall propose a Regional Coordinator to the IVU International Council, subject to the approval of the IC.
  5. IVU agrees that VUNA shall be entitled to vote in IVU affairs and waives any requirement for a membership subscription.
  6. VUNA agrees to actively promote the objectives of IVU within the principles of the IVU Memorandum and Articles of Association.

2) Memberships

  1. VUNA agrees that North American organizations will pay a subscription to join IVU as required by IC.
  2. VUNA agrees that IVU shall collect all membership fees and process all memberships for IVU/VUNA.
  3. VUNA shall give free membership to all North American IVU member organizations, unless it has reason not to accept any such organization and informs IVU of the reasons for this decision.
  4. IVU agrees to provide two nominated member of the VUNA Council with read-only access to the North American section of the IVU online database, to enable full access to membership records and to facilitate contact..
  5. VUNA shall actively promote IVU membership to North American vegetarian organizations.
  6. IVU and VUNA agree that individuals, businesses and foundations are free to support either IVU or VUNA, or both.

3) Finances

  1. VUNA shall be responsible for its own financial affairs.
  2. IVU agrees to consider any request for financial assistance from VUNA, looking sympathetically at such requests in their merits to increase impact in North America.
  3. IVU and VUNA shall exchange full annual financial accounts, and shall make the accounts available to all member organizations.

4) Web site and e-mail addresses

  1. IVU agrees to host VUNA's web site.
  2. IVU and VUNA agree to feature reciprocal website links in a manner consistent with other Regional Organizations
  3. VUNA agrees to maintain its website.
  4. IVU agrees to provide forwarding email addresses to VUNA as appropriate.

5) Length of Agreement

  1. To be agreed if and when this long term agreement is implemented.

ONE YEAR AGREEMENT BETWEEN IVU AND VUNA (15 October 2008 – 14 October 2009)

1. VUNA will review its mission statement for achievable goals, including coordinating and supporting the vegetarian movement in North America.

2. VUNA will review its rules to clarify the procedures for electing/appointing board members and producing financial accounts.

3. VUNA will place emphasis on recruiting and maintaining volunteer support, particularly in maintaining and improving its internet presence.

4. VUNA will place emphasis on recruiting the North American regional/national organizations to IVU/VUNA membership, and/or encouraging them to renew their memberships.  VUNA will investigate how more of the IVU 'Registered Groups' in North America can be encouraged to become members, affiliates, or supporters of IVU/VUNA.

5. VUNA will support the ivu-na email group to encourage communications, actively inviting participation from North American regional/national organizations, and developing the group in the most appropriate way for the future.

6. VUNA will devise a strategy for encouraging financial support to IVU/VUNA from North America, primarily for such funds to be used in assisting and developing North American organizations and in developing countries, but also for general IVU/VUNA income.

7. VUNA will investigate what type of support is explicitly desired by local (state/provincial/city) organizations, and how IVU/VUNA can best deliver that support.

8. VUNA will maintain its contact details, by post and email.

9. IVU and VUNA will maintain clear communications about goals and expectations related to North America via the Regional Coordinator for North America.

10. IVU, via the Regional Co-ordinator, will keep VUNA apprised of all important communications relating to North America.

11.IVU will communicate, via the Regional Coordinator, its high-level priorities and near-term goals so VUNA can better support the IVU mission in North America.

12. VUNA will upload its Constitution to its website.

13. VUNA will actively support the promotion of the 2012 IVU World Vegetarian Congress in North America.

14. Everything in the potential long-term agreement on the left will apply for the duration of this one year agreement.

15. At the end of the one year agreement it shall be reviewed, and there may then be any further agreement in any way that is agreed between IVU and VUNA at that time.