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Guidelines for IVU World Vegfest

This document is 'Appendix A' to the IVU Bylaws.

  1. The Event

    1. IVU shall coordinate an annual world event combining features of congresses and vegfests, which may be combined with regional events.

    2. These events shall be known as the IVU World Vegfest. However, for legal purposes these remain the events described in the IVU Memorandum of Association at S.4.which states as Objective ii: "To promote both World and Regional Vegetarian Congresses to publicise and develop interest in the vegetarian cause and to give opportunities for vegetarians to meet together."

    3. Each event can be any combination of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, meetings, entertainment and sightseeing, plus a food fair and other trade stalls, all designed to attract local people as well as visitors from across the host country and neighbouring countries and beyond.

    4. Any event may be combined with a pre-existing event.

    5. Where an event is being held in a new location, it would be ideal for it to help in launching an annual local event in the same area. This could be a factor in choosing the location.

  2. Locations and Timeframes

    1. Events will normally rotate around the six regions as follows:

      2012 - North America
      2013 - Asia Pacific
      2014 - Africa
      2015 - Latin America
      2016 - India & SW Asia
      2017 - Europe

      To be extended in the same sequence.

    2. Initial discussions about venues should be between the Representative for each region and the potential host group, but the final decision about IVU participation shall be made by IC. Choice of location should take account of other major events to avoid clashes.

    3. Presentations should be given at each event of plans for future events. Ideally host organisations should send delegates to give these presentations. If this is not possible then sufficient information should be given to other delegates to speak on their behalf.

    4. Planning should ideally begin 2 or 3 years prior to a proposed event for discussions, presentations, and decision-making by IC.

  3. Organisational Matters

    1. Catering and food trade stalls at all IVU World Vegfests must provide food which is entirely derived from plants (ie vegan), and preferably organic. Raw and organic plant foods, including a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruit indigenous to the country, should be promoted and available at all meals.

    2. All trade stalls, whether food or non-food, should aim for ethical standards in their
      impact on human (e.g., employees) and non-human animals and the environment.

    3. Breakfast is usually taken at the hotel or hostel. Other meals are usually taken together and should be in a special dining room and one not shared with any group or individuals not attending the event.

    4. Financing of individual events may be open to discussion between IC and the local organisers. As far as possible finances should be a local responsibility and IVU may only become directly involved in appropriate circumstances as determined by IC, but this will be unusual.

    5. Applications may be made to the organisers before an event for translation facilities to be made available, usually subject to a guarantee that event registration fees for a minimum of thirty persons of a single linguistic group shall be paid prior to the event. However, circumstances and available technology may vary considerably, so IC will need to be kept informed of what is being proposed.

  4. IVU's Role

    1. The programme, catering arangements and menus for any IVU endorsed event are subject to the approval of the IC. The information must be sent at least two months before the start of the event.

    2. An informal meeting of IVU member organisation leaders shall be included in the programme on the earliest practical day.

    3. IVU will also encourage the organisation of regional and sub-regional events, subject to the same guidelines as the global events.

  5. Publicity

    1. An important aspect of any event is to obtain publicity for the vegetarian/vegan message and for the host organisation(s). IVU can assist with global online publicity subject to clear agreements with the host organisation(s).

    2. Arrangements should be made to encourage the media to attend and report the Vegfest. IVU and other officials as well as suitable delegates should be earmarked for participation in publicity opportunities. A press reception should be organised and relevant press releases should be issued prior to, during and following the event.

    3. Attempts should be made to encourage the attendance of civic dignitaries, political figures and celebrities for particular functions during the event.They might also be invited to participate in the lecture programme.

  6. Defraying Costs for IVU International Council Members

    1. IVU is authorised to meet the cost of registration for each council member attending the IVU World Vegfest, pending determination by IC that sufficient funding is available (the registration fee does not include travel, accommodation or food), except in exceptional circumstances, and agreed by the council beforehand.

    2. IVU is authorised to offer to pay reasonable and economical costs, including economy class airfare or other transport, transfer to and from airports, food, hotel accommodation, and event registration for the Regional Representative in the region in which the IVU World Vegfest is held. If any of these items are covered by the event organisers, IVU would not pay for them. This only applies to the event itself, not to any preview visits.