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The mailing-list for IVU Members, Supporters and Members of Member Societies

Subscribers to IVU-talk must be in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Individual members of IVU, including annual members and life members/patrons
  2. Members of any Society which is a member of IVU. See the list of member societies
  3. Volunteers working on IVU newsletters, websites, World Congresses or other projects (including all translators).
  4. On-line contacts for organisations which are members of IVU.
  5. Contacts for IVU Internet Partners
  6. IVU councillors, regional secretaries and anyone elected/appointed to any office.
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You can unsubscribe yourself from IVU-talk at the 'member center'. Archives of IVU-Talk are also available at the 'member center', for subscribers only.

What is on-topic

Informal discussion of anything which is likely to be of interest to the majority of subscribers to ivu-talk (with the exception of anything defined as 'off-topic' below).

What is off-topic and otherwise unacceptable

1. Anything which is not likely to be of interest to the majority of list members, private email should used for such matters. This includes replies to questions put to the list for specific information.

2. Internal affairs of member organisations.

3. Long articles about anything. If there is a web page the URL should be posted, if not then the article should be offered by email for anyone requesting it.

4. Repeated advertising of any commercial products or services, an initial mention is acceptable.

5. Anything which is abusive or insulting to other subscribers, any use of profane or obscene language, or anything which could could be considered offensive to any other list member.

6. Messages to IVU-Talk must not be crossposted to any other email address, including other mailing-lists. If it is appropriate to send information to other addresses/lists it must be sent as separate emails.


1. All posts to the list must be in English. However, as most subscribers do not use English as their first language, short phrases in other languages will be acceptable - but only if you are really stuck and you think someone else on the list could translate it for the rest of us.

2. All posts must comply with the 'on-topic' rules. If your post is not very obviously on-topic it would be helpful to explain, briefly, why you think it is appropriate to the list.

3. Replies are set 'to the list'. If you want to reply to one person change the address, do not hold private conversations on the list.

4. Replies should always quote some of the text you are replying to. Not all of it, but just enough to make sense of your reply. As a general rule the quoted text should never be more than you are writing yourself (for example do not send back a long article and simply add 'me too' at the end).

5. Commercial advertising of any sort is not acceptable. Recommendations of products or services in which you have no personal financial interest may be appropriate if they comply with the on-topic rules (See also signature files below).

6. Signature files attached to the end of emails should comply with the traditional internet standard of a maximum of four lines. This can include references to commercial concerns provided it is just contact details and not worded as an advertisement. However, repeated use of any signature file can become irritating and should be omitted if you post often.