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  IVU SUBSCRIPTIONS FORM for Individual Supporters and Patrons

  When you have completed this page you will be taken to a link to Paypal for payment.
Please fill in all fields marked with a *
Are you new to IVU or renewing? * New Supporter
If it is a renewal please quote your membership number, if known: If you are already a supporter you can review the way you are currently shown on the IVU website in order to update the details below. The link will open a new window, select your category and region, then 'search' and you should see your entry. If you are happy with what is already there you can just leave most fields blank below - except those marked * (required) - and the first one, if appropriate, so we know who you are!
Your Name * your name will appear on the IVU website exactly as you type it here - maximum 65 characters (you may add some description if there is room).

If you do NOT want your name to appear on the IVU website please state in the comments box below and your privacy will be protected.
Website address If you provide a website address we will automatically link your name to your website.
Admin email *

Email Addresses: Some people prefer to use separate email addresses for different purposes.

The first is for official communications, such as reminders when your subscription is due. All IVU contact is normally by email - so it is important to let us know if this changes during the year!

Public email address* If you do not have a website, this will be displayed on the IVU website - in an encrypted format to prevent it being collected by spammers.

If you do NOT want your name to appear on the IVU website please state in the comments box below and your privacy will be protected.
IVU Online News *

general news and information from around the world, usually just one email per month.
yes please do not want it already get it

News email address* this will only be used if you selected 'yes' above
Language * the language used on your website, or preferred language for emails
Logo If your listing is to be shown on the IVU website you can have a photograph or logo included. If you have a suitable graphic on a website that we can use, give the direct address of the file. The standard size is 80x80 pixels but we can go to a maximum width of 100 if the height is less, or vice versa. You prefer to send this by email put a note in the comments box at the bottom and we will contact you.
Description We can display a descriptive paragraph, maximum 150 characters. You can enter anything you like about yourself. This can be in any language of your choice. (If you want the public to contact you by phone/fax include that here as it will not otherwise appear.)
Postal Address
This will only be used if your email bounces. Enter the address where official communications should be sent.
Post or Zip code:
Country *
Phone and Fax: Just in case we can't contact you any other way. (If you want the public to contact you by phone or fax include it in your descriptive paragraph above)
Subscription rate *
see the list of countries if you are not sure whether your is developed or developing.
PATRON (for life) developed country - UKP125 (125 Brititsh pounds)
PATRON (for life) developing country - UKP30 (25% - 30 British pounds)
Annual Supporter
developed country - UKP12 (12 British Pounds)
Annual Supporter
developing country - UKP3 (3 British Pounds)
Number of years subscription you can aviod the hassle of completing this form every year, and reduce IVU's administration time - by paying for more than one year. Simply multiply the amount above by the number of years you want to pay.
Donation IVU is a non-profit organisation with no full time staff. If you would like to help promote vegetarianism around the world, especially in developing countries, please consider rounding up your total payment. If you wish to make a donation enter the amount here (in British Pounds please)

Comments - anything else you think we should know.

Please make a note in the comments box of the total amount you are paying -ie the rate x years + donation.

You will need to re-enter this on the next page.

Clicking 'submit form' below will send all the above information to IVU, and transfer you to a link for paying via Paypal with your credit card