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General Meeting and Election Procedures

This document is 'Appendix I' to the IVU Bylaws

  1. Congress Countdown
    1. IC to consult all Member Societies before proposing a venue for the Congress four years ahead.

    2. 6 months before GM - last date for Societies to join IVU and get a vote
      Articles 3.8: Each Full Member Organisation shall have one vote, provided that organisation has been a member of IVU for a minimum of 6 months.

    3. 4 months before the Congress - Programme and Catering arrangements to be approved by IC

    4. 3 months before GM - last date to send out call for nominations for the International Council (draft letter)
      Bylaws, S.4.3.c: Calls for nominations shall be made by at least three months prior to a General Meeting. Anyone nominated who wishes to run shall be placed on the ballot, provided they are vegetarians and members of a member organisation.

    5. 1 months before GM - deadline for General Meeting agenda items
      Bylaws, S.4.2.d: The General Meeting shall carry out an agenda as has been requested by the International Council or Member Societies at least one month prior to the commencement of the meeting.

    6. 1 month before GM - last date for circulation of names of candidates
      Bylaws S..4.3.d:
      A list shall be emailed containing the names of all candidates to all voting member organisations one month prior to a membership meeting. The list shall be accompanied by position statements submitted by the candidates, of a length and format prescribed by the IC. (see below for format)
      - this will also be a call for email votes:
      Bylaws S.4.3.b:
      All elected IC members shall be nominated by member organisations. Voting shall be by a secret ballot of official delegates of member organisations. Votes shall be kept confidential until the General Meeting. Votes shall be sent to a person or persons nominated by the International Council who will be attending the General Meeting and not standing for election.

    7. Congress begins

    8. IVU General Meeting
      Bylaws, S.4.2.a:At each World Vegetarian Congress a General Meeting shall be held to discuss the current state of the vegetarian movement and IVU's role in promoting that movement.

Possible questions for candidates:

1. Why do you want to be on IVU Council?

2. What would you like to see IVU Council achieve?

3. What particular skills will you bring to the IVU council?

4. Why are you vegetarian and what does it mean to you?

5. Is there anything else that you would like to say?

6. With all your many responsibilities, are you confident that you can find at least 10 hours a month to take part in IC deliberations and vote on issues before IC?

7. In addition to taking part in IC deliberations and voting on issues before IC, what is one other way, beyond the many wonderful activities you already do with your local/national society, that you will contribute to the work of IC?

- perhaps find some way of taking up references for anyone not previously known to us. Though it is already the case that candidates must be nominated by a member society. Any suggestions how we can get more? Possibly via regional congresses/events where other people will have met the candidate - if they've never been to any event that itself would ring some alarm bells!