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Agreement between IVU and EVU
this Agreement is no longer valid since 2019, IVU requires that all europeans wishing to become part of IVU to get a membership starting at U$ 20,00
the text below was kept as historical fact.

This document is 'Appendix H' to the IVU Bylaws.

1) Relationship between IVU and EVU

  1. IVU recognises the full independence and autonomy of EVU, and that there will be no interference in EVU’s internal affairs.
  2. EVU recognises that it was originally formed by IVU member organisations in Europe in order to better represent the interests of vegetarianism in Europe and to better promote IVU within the region.
  3. IVU acknowledges EVU as the IVU Regional Organisation (RO) for Europe, as defined in the terms of the IVU Articles of Association.
  4. IVU agrees that as the RO, EVU shall propose a Liaison Officer as a full voting member of the International Council (IC), subject to the approval of the IC.
  5. IVU agrees that as the RO, EVU should be entitled to vote at IVU General Meetings, or electronically, and waives any requirement that EVU pay a separate membership fee. IVU further agrees that the number of votes EVU is entitled to cast be determined in the same manner as member societies' votes are determined.
  6. EVU and IVU agree to act in such a way as to actively promote the benefits and purposes of both organisations.
  7. EVU agrees to keep IVU informed of any activities outside of the agreed boundaries of 'Europe'; and IVU agrees to keep EVU informed of any activities within those boundaries.
2) Memberships
  1. IVU shall encourage European groups to pay a membership subscription to EVU at a rate to be determined by EVU.
  2. IVU agrees that any group which is a full voting member of EVU shall have completely free full voting membership of IVU, unless that group states it does not wish to be a member of IVU.
  3. EVU agrees that in order to implement (2)(ii) it shall forward to IVU the complete contact details, declared number of members, and expiry date, of every EVU relevant member organisation, and that this shall be done promptly as any changes occur.
  4. EVU and IVU shall both actively promote EVU/IVU membership to European vegetarian/vegan groups.
  5. IVU and EVU agree that individuals and organisations, such as businesses and foundations, are free to financially support either IVU or EVU, or both.
  6. EVU agrees that European groups are entitled to join IVU directly if they so wish, but that this will not include membership of EVU. However, IVU will encourage any such groups to join EVU.
  7. EVU agrees that their representative on IC shall support and represent all IVU member organisations in Europe equally, regardless of whether any choose not to be members of EVU.

3) Finances

  1. EVU shall be responsible for its own finances and the running of its own affairs, but this does not preclude EVU from approaching IVU for possible financing of joint projects or programs, or for any other financial support.
  2. IVU shall be able to request EVU’s support for any fund raising projects for other parts of the world.

4) Internet

  1. IVU and EVU agree to prominently feature and promote links to each other’s websites, with the use of logos.
  2. IVU and EVU agree to maintain their websites with up to date information about each other's activities as appropriate.

5) Maintenance of EVU Constitution and By-laws

  1. EVU agrees that any future changes in its constitution and bylaws will be considered in such a way as to avoid any conflict with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of IVU.
  2. EVU may propose any changes to IVU's Memorandum and Articles of Association but it recognises that any such changes require the agreement of all IVU Member Societies worldwide.

6) Length of Agreement

  1. IVU and EVU will fully adhere to this agreement until such time as either or both parties chooses to renegotiate or terminate it, but providing at least three months notice to effectuate.