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Membership of IVU in Developing and Poor & Indebted Countries
This document is 'Appendix G' to the IVU Bylaws.
  1. All members and supporters in developing countries to pay subscriptions at 25% of the standard rate, but with donations invited from those that can afford more.
    Societies in 'Very Poor' countries to be offered free membership provided there is evidence of the group existing in a meaningful way.

  2. Definitions for the purposes of IVU to include:
    - most of Africa to be designated as a
    'very poor and heavily indebted region' requiring extra support
    - all of Latin America as a 'developing region'
    - some, but not all, of Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean as 'developing countries'
    - all of North America or Western Europe as 'developed countries'
    - a full list of countries to be available on the website (see link below), to be agreed by the full International Council, with any later proposals for exceptions to be agreed by IC and recorded on the list.

  3. Payment from developing countries direct to IVU to be via Paypal only, using a separate form on the website.

  4. Payment by any other means to be collected by the RC in whatever way is appropriate for the region.

  5. Any money collected by RCs to be held locally, preferably in a separate IVU bank account to be arranged with the IVU treasurer. Quarterly accounts to be sent to the treasurer.

  6. Any money donated for use in a specific developing region is also to be held locally. Where this has been donated via Paypal it will be held in the central IVU bank account until there is sufficient to reduce the bank transfer costs.

  7. The IVU Manager is to be kept informed of any changes in members and supporters - i.e. new subscriptions, renewals, deletions - via a special form on the website which will ensure that the details are sent in the correct format for the database. All such information to be forwarded within two weeks of receipt.

  8. Renewal notices will be sent direct to the subscriber by email, directing them to the membership section of the website for details of how to pay.
    - where there is no email address, printable (PDF) renewal notices to be sent to the RC for posting locally, OR the RC's email address to be used for such records in the database so that they can make local arrangements when the notice arrives. (Postal renewal for North America and Western Europe to continue to be done via Parkdale)

  9. Any IVU money held by RCs is to be used in accordance with IVU's objectives, as defined in Section 4 of the Articles of Association, within their own region. Any expenditure, other than expenses defined below, to be agreed by the full International Council.

  10. Regional Coordinators may use some of the locally held funds for reasonable expenses, full details of which are to be provided in the accounts sent to the treasurer. Such expenses in general to include:
    - paper, stamps, envelopes and other such small routine items
    - minor travel expenses
    - any expense above the equivalent of UKP10 to be referred to the International Council.