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Dr. Simon Chau
International Council member 1999-2000

IVU News 2-97
The Chinese Vegetarian Society -
The two vegetarian societies in Hong Kong, one English speaking and one Chinese speaking, merged in 1996 under the leadership of Dr. Simon Chau. more...

The Green People Show - This new radio show goes on air for an hour every Monday evening, supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund and jointly produced by Radio Television Hong Kong and the Produce Green Foundation. Chaired by the indefatigable and seemingly ubiquitous Simon Chau,

A firm believer in the future of this great country is Dr. Simon Chau, who now runs the 1000-strong Chinese Vegetarian Society, a worthy and rapidly expanding successor to the English-speaking society founded by Jan Moor.

IVU Congress at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
[General Meeting] The following elected as members of the International Council . . . Mr Simon Chau . . .
[council meeting] Those present were . . . Dr Simon Chau, Council Member . . .
[from the program]
International Panel: Vegetarianism and the Global Food and Environmental Crisis . . . Dr.Simon Chau, President, Vegetarian Society of Hong Kong . . .
- International Panel: Vegetarianism East and West . . . Dr.Simon Chau (China) . . .
- Qi gong - Dr.Simon Chau
- Vegetarianism and Spirituality - Dr. Simon Chau
- Foundation of Asian Vegetarian Union - Dr.Simon Chau