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Pornthep SriNarula

IVU Councillor (1996-1999)

32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996, Johnstown PA, USA

[Pornthep Srinarula] From the Cybercafe - with other IVU Councillors at the World Vegetarian Congress, Johnstown, USA, 1996 (at the time Pornthep was 'Charter president of Veg Bangkok')
below: Pornthep on the left with the newly elected Council

[from the program] Vegetarianism in Thailand, including an invitation to the 1999 World Congress (25 min.)

[General Meeting minutes] World Congress - 1998
Due to climatic considerations, it had been agreed that the congress should take place in January, 1999. The congress would be in two cities, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Mr Pornthep Srinarula answered questions about the congress.

[International Council meeting] World Congress 1999

Mr Pomthep Srinarula, attending the meeting for this item, reported the arrangements so far made to develop the world congress. He stated that they wished to hold the congress in Chiang Mai and in Bangkok. The proposal was to begin the congress on 4th January, 1999 with three days in Chiang Mai, one day for travel to Bangkok and then three days in Bangkok, the congress ending lOth January.. He described the possible venues and it was agreed the incoming Hon. General Secretary should inspect these when possible. A range of accommodation would be provided to suit the various needs of participants.

Following discussion about the food, it was agreed that the International Council should accept that the food at the congress should be vegan in sympathy with Veg Bangkok's normal practice. Publicity material should make this clear. Participants who wish may bring their own dairy products for their own consumption.

The organisers were planning to have an international team of speakers as well as a number of local ones. Simultaneous translation would be provided ifthirty or more participants of a particular language group asked for it. The main languages used would be English and Thai.

The flyer produced by Veg Bangkok was approved with two amendments.

IVU News December 1996:

Porthep with the newly elected Council in Johnsown (on the left),

- and in Thailand at a meeting to discuss the planned World Congress.
Back row - 2nd left: Jashu Shah, 3rd left Pornthep Srinarula
Front row - right Francisco Martin

EVU News 3/1996

Picture: General Secretary Pornthep Srinarula and Dep. Secretary Khambhir Nimnual from the Congress Organising Committee of Veg Bangkok.

The 33rd World vegetarian Congress is going to be in Thailand, organized by Veg Bankok. The venue is Chiangmai and dates are January 4th to 10th 1999.
A range of accommodation will be provided to meet the various needs of participants.
There will be an international team of speakers as well as local ones.
The food provided will be vegan following Veg Bangkok's normal practice, but participants may bring their own dairy products for their personal consumption

Minutes of IVU Council Meeting, 20th September 1997, Hotel Gardesano, Bussolengo, Italy.
Regional secretaries: The system had been inherited and had always been ineffective in some regions. Roles were not clearly defined and tended to be developed by the individuals concerned. Specific duties needed to be set out and distributed for comment. . . . Pornthep Srinarala had suggested splitting India and the Far East.

World Congress 1999 progress report
Pornthep Srinarula had given a good impression and promised information by January, but nothing specific had been received. The economic crisis would make prices lower but did not explain the lack of activity. The organisers did not respond to offers of help so money was not the problem. If an official printed leaflet could not be produced by the end of October the congress would be in doubt. It was agreed that if the present organisers could not produce information to the Council by the 20th of October and in printable form by 1st November IVU should withdraw support and look at other options, preferably in South-East Asia. Prices could be quoted in pounds or dollars.

Pornthep Srinarula had just said that he would not be coming to Bussolengo. Had he been there, a lot of questions could have been settled. Such attendance should be a condition in the future.

33rd World Vegetarian Congress, Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999

[from a talk by General Saiyud Kerdphol] Khun Pornthep Srinarula, a Namdhari Sikh, initiated the Bangkok Vegetarian Club in 1992 which now has 58 members.

[from the International Counci meeting] World Congress 1999 -The difficulties in organisatlon of the l999 Congress after Mr. Pornthep Srinarula was unable to continue were discussed.

IVU Annual Report 2006 - 2nd Asian Vegetarian Congress, Bangkok, March 19-21, 2006
Pornthep Srinarula, President of the Thai Vegetarian Union, welcomed delegates.
Mr. Pornthep Srinarula of Thailand then gave a speech on Vegetarianism in Thailand and mentioned that during the Chinese New Year many people become vegetarian, which increases the vegetarian population by more than 40% during that time.

from the program:
Vegetarianism in Thailand - Mr. Pornthep Srinarula
Milk - a Silent Killer - Mr. Pornthep Srinarula


Bangkok, Thailand