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Oluf Egerod
IVU Secretary, 1926-29
IVU Treasurer 1929-50
IVU Secretary 1950-53
IVU Deputy President 1953-60
IVU Vice-President 1960-68

Mr. Egerod was born on January 4, 1888. In his professional life he was a teacher in the Danish Public School System with English as his primary subject, and he was president of the Danish Vegetarian Society 1917-1930. The photo right shows him as a young man. He first appeared in connection with IVU at the 1923 IVU Congress, held in Sweden. Some extracts from the report by The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester):

. . . the Roll Call of the Delegates. Each rose as his or her name was called. The following is a full list : . . . . Denmark - . . . Oluf Egerod and Margerethe Noll, Copenhagen ; . . .
. . . We give the full list of papers in alphabetical order :- . . . Oluf Egerod " Report for Danish Vegetarian Society," . . .
. . . Some discussion arose as to the advisability of admitting Nature Healing Societies as members of the International Vegetarian Union. . . . Mr. Egerod, . . . took part.
. . .FINANCE. The Hon. Treasurer (H. Nolthenius) next proposed that the fee for membership be settled. The present fee was considered rather high. He proposed a fixed tee of £1 for each Society. Mr. Egerod spoke in favour of a percentage payment. . . .

From the reports of the1926 IVU Congress, held in London, England. Published by both The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester) and The Vegetarian News (London):

. . . the delegates were introduced to the assembly . . . Mr. Oluf Egerod (Denmark) . . .
. . . The following officers were elected . . . Hon. Secretary, Oluf Egerod, Esq., Denmark. . . .
.. Mr. OLUF EGEROD (Denmark) urged that notwithstanding the criticisms of some of their supporters the term ''vegetarian " should be retained, since its use had already secured for it a certain definite signification which, if the word were now discarded would necessarily he lost. . .

Mr. OLUF EGEROD (Denmark), in the course of a Paper on "The Work of Dr. Hindhede in Nutrition Research, and its bearing on Vegetarianism," said that the laboratory established in Copenhagen, of which Dr. Hindhede was the head, had, since its inception in 1911, given an impetus to nutritional research all over the world. For a year or more, potatoes and margarine were the sole foods of some of the helpers who, for three months, were engaged in hard work for fourteen hours daily. For another six months they lived upon barley-porridge, sugar, and margarine ; for a further nine months upon oatmeal-porridge, sugar, and margarine ; while for two years they lived upon cabbage-soup, potatoes, and bread, mostly of whole-rye or of whole-wheat, and without fats of any kind. The results had been tabulated and went to show that health and strength were not only well-maintained, but were actually increased in each case, on what was a cry low protein standard. The English were accustomed to take too much animal protein. A great defect in the average English dietary was the use of white bread.

The Work of Dr. Hindhede in Nutrition Research in its Relation to Vegetarianism - full text of the paper by Mr. Oluf Egerod, read at the Congress - plus some replies from others about the topic.

From the report of the 1929 IVU Congress, held in Czechoslovakia, again published by both the London and Manchester magazines:

Gratitude and courtesy alike demand that warm thanks should be tendered to the retiring Hon. Secretary of the Union, Herr Oluf Egerod, of Copenhagen, to whose efforts so large a share of the success of this year's Congress is manifestly due, and who rendered invaluable service throughout the Congress as interpreter-in-chief on every occasion. As a result of the lamented death of Professor Nolthenius, elswhere referred to, Herr Egerod will now take over the position of Hon. Treasurer of the Union. surrendering the duties of Hon. Secretary to Herr Hans Erwin Feix, Secretary of this year's Congress.

From reports of the 1932 Congress, near Berlin (the photo on the right appeared in one of them):

. . . the Treasurer, Mr. Oluf Egerod (Copenhagen) gave a detailed account of the financial position. . . .
. . .the formation of a small international committee which would meet whenever there was important business to transact. The appointed committee consisted of . . ., the Treasurer, Mr. Oluf Egerod (Copenhagen), . . .
. . .Apart from the fine oratory referred to, there were also short speeches by representative delegates, these including . . .Mr. Oluf Egerod (Copenhagen) doing yeoman service as always, where necessary, as interpreter. . .
. . .an Executive Committee, to serve until the next meeting of the Congress at Zurich in 1935, was also elected, as follows . . ., Mr. Oluf Egerod (Denmark),

9th World Vegetarian Congress, Daugaard, Denmark 1935 - organised by Oluf Egerord at short notice, after it had to be moved from Zurich due to the political situation. Photo from the 1935 reports

"Mr. Oluf Egerod, honorary treasurer of the International Vegetarian Union was a very popular leader, . . ."

"Oluf Egerod, a lovable Danish Inspector of Schools, was at his best when "giving," and was never too tired to answer one more question before bed-time. As Treasurer he is more deserving of the adjective "indefatigable" than can be imagined, but he also knows how trust those to whom he allots duties, without worrying himself or them all the time. In other words, he is a born organiser. "


From reports of the 1938 IVU Congress, held in Norway - the photo shows Mr. Egerod on the right of the group of officers and their wives:

Brief speeches were made by Messrs. O. EGEROD (Treasurer) and . . .

SÖREN EGEROD, the son of the Union's popular treasurer, who, as a life vegetarian, had just been interviewed by the press, briefly addressed the Congress and expressed grateful thanks to his parents for being in the position of not having touched tobacco, alcohol or flesh.

Mr. OLUF EGEROD (Treasurer), who followed, said that if we wanted to work for peace we must work for vegetarianism. There could never be any lasting peace so long as we went on killing animals. Vegetarianism was not the only essential for peace but it was an important one, and even if it were not the best way for health we must live as vegetarians.

. . . the Treasurer (Mr. Oluf Egerod) presented his financial statement, intimating that it would be very desirable if more countries became affiliated to the Union. . . .
. . . Mr. Oluf Egerod (Denmark), Honorary Treasurer, [re-elected unanimously] . .

From reports of the 1947 IVU Congress, in England:

. . . Mr.OLUF EGEROD (Denmark), the Honorary Treasurer of the Union, in a characteristic reply, thanked Mr. Sibly for the warm welcome he had given them, and also referred to the Centenary Year of The Vegetarian Society. . . .
. . . The Hon. Treasurer, Mr. OLUF EGEROD (Denmark), submitted an audited financial statement which was approved . .
. . . Mr. O. EGEROD (Denmark) was re~appointed Hon. Treasurer . . .

Photos and drawing from the 1947 Congress

From reports of the 1950 IVU Congress held in Holland:

Mr. Oluf Egerod gave a brief account of the Congresses held during the years between the two great wars.
The Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Oluf Egerod, submitted a statement of receipts and payments which was accepted and approved.
The officers of the I.V.U. were elected as follows-- . . . , Hon. Secretary: Oluf Egerod (Denmark), . . .
At the concluding session . . . Mr. O. Egerod (Denmark) also spoke, . . .

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of October 2, 1950:

. . . PRESENT . . Mr.Oluf Egerod (Hon.Secretary), . . .
CONGRESS of 1953 - SWEDEN : Mr.Egerod reported fully upon a suggested programme, submitted by Mr.Pederson, for the next congress fixed at Sigtuna, N.W. of Stockholm, Sweden.

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of July 17, 1951:

PRESENT: . . . Mr.Oluf Egerod (Hon Secretary),
The Hon.Secretary Oluf Egerod reported that he had handed over relevant I.V.U. papers to the new Secretary & would pass on any more that came to light. He assured the meeting of his willingness to advise and assist the new Secretary.
The forthcoming meetings of the German Vegetarian Societies was discussed. It was agreed that Mr.Pedersen, Mr.Egerod & the Secretary attend, that they do not attempt to interfere in any way with the German domestic affairs but that they watch, advise & record.

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of Easter, 1952:

PRESENT . . . Hon.Secretary Oluf Egerod . . .
It was stated that the Mazdaznan Sahambar(?) would be held in Stuttgart on August 2-9 & it was arranged that Mr Oluf Egerod should represent the IVU.
On the following day the 11th April consequent upon points raised on the previous day it was agreed that in view of the establishment of a permanent international office the £200 preciously paid direct to Oluf Egerod by Mrs Gasque's London Brokers should in future be paid direct into I.V.U. funds and be administered by the treasurer.
It was agreed that Oluf Egerod should continue to travel for and represent the IVU & that he tender his accounts to the treasurer for payment.
It was agreed that the Committee should make the following nominations at the Congress - . . . Vice-Presidents - Oluf Egerod . . .

From reports of the 1953 Congress, in Sweden:

Officers of the International Vegetarian Union - elected at Sigtuna . . . Deputy President, Mr. O. Egerod, M.A., Denmark. . . .
Executive Committee, . . . Mr. O. Egerod, . . .

Mr. Egerod is on the left of the photo.

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of October 18, 1953:

Present . . . Deputy President Mr Oluf Egerod

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of May 1-2, 1954:

Present Messrs Egerod, . . .
Deputy President Egerod first thanked Mr & Mrs Kahler for their hospitality and welcomed Mr Kahler to the Executive Committee. He then invited Mr Sibly to take the chair.
[re the Paris Congress] Mr Egerod suggested that one of the Congress meetings should be held in the French Chamber of Deputies.
[re a proposed tour of Israel] Mr Egerod stated that anti-Jewish, anti-Russian feeling in the USA would antagonise the latter nation.

From reports of the 1955 IVU Congress, held in Paris:

The official program lists the IVU Executive Committee, including: Deputy President : OLUF EGEROD (Denmark)

. . . The following were re-elected for a two year term of office :- . . . DEPUTY PRESIDENT-Mr. Oluf Egerod (Denmark).

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of June 30, 1956:

Present: - . . . Mr Oluf Egerod, Deputy President (Denmark)
Chairman - Mr Egerod asked that Mr Sibly should take the chair and this was approved and accepted by Mr.Sibly

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of September 27, 1956:

Apologies for absence were received from: - . . . , Mr Oluf Egerod,
It was agreed that Mr Egerod's written power of attorney to Mr Harris . . . be recognised.

From reports of the 1957 Congress, held in India:

The caption for the photo on the right was:

Deputy President welcomed
Mr Oluf Egerod, of Denmark, Deputy President of I.V.U., when he was hreeted on arrival in India. With him are Mr Shah, Mr J.N.Mankar, chief organiser of the Congress, Mr Woodland Kahler and Mr Pattani.

The minutes of the Business Meeting confirmed that he was re-elected as Deputy President.

Extracts from the Executive Committee meeting of May 9, 1958:

PRESENT: Mr O.Egerod (Deputy President), . . .
Mr J.Pedersen was represented by Mr Egerod . . .
Mr Egerod formally opened the meeting and asked Mr Sibly to take the Chair. This was agreed.

Extract from the Executive Committee meeting of May 10, 1959: "Present: Mr.Egerod (in Chair) . . ."

Extract from the Executive Committee meeting of June 4, 1960: "Apologies Messrs Egerod . . ."

From the report of the Business Meeting at the 1960 Congress, held in Germany: "Messages of good wishes and apologies for absence were read from Mr Oluf Egerod (Deputy President, missing his first Congress since 1923 and to whom a cable of regret and best wishes had been sent from the inaugural dinner), [followed by other apologies]."

During this Congress he stood down as Deputy President and was elected as one of a large number of Vice-President, a more honorary title requiring no active involvement.

The minutes of the Business Meeting at the 1963 Congress, in Spain, show that Mr. Egerod was re-elected as a Vice-President, but he does not appear to have been present.

The minutes of the Business Meeting at the 1965 Congress, in England, again show that Mr. Egerod was re-elected as a Vice-President, but again he does not appear to have been present.

The reports from the 1967 Congress in India were extremely brief and give no mention of Mr. Egerod.

Extract from the Executive Committee meeting of May 10, 1968: " the deaths of . . . and Mr Oluf Egerod were reported and regret was expressed. The Secretary said he had sent sympathy to relatives." Mr. Egerod was 80 when he died.