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Mitsuru Kakimoto D.D. Sc., Ph.D., M.S.A.

IVU Council Member (1996-2002 ; 2004-06)
IVU Patron

I was born 1945 and am 55 years old now. I am president of the Japan Vegetarian Society, and vice-president and professor at Osaka Shin-ai College, Japan. In 1996, I was elected as a member of the IVU Council at the World Vegetarian Congress in the U.S.A. In 1999, he was reelected at the World Vegetarian Congress in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am now designated as the 'Research Co-ordinator' on behalf of the International Council. I have been studying vegetarians from a viewpoint of medical science and dietetics, and devote myself to promoting vegetarianism in Japan. I have written theses in Jap. J. Nutr. and other journals. I am the author of "Introduction of Healthy Vegetarian," published in Japan for Japanese readers.

In 1988, I went to the U.S.A to attend the IFHE Congress. Then I visited Loma Linda University and had an opportunity to get to know many researchers including Prof. Register. That led me to become a vegetarian. I live with my wife and two sons. I play tennis and hike in the mountain for fun. Actually I go on a hike with my wife and sons. We love nature. My wife is a grade school teacher. My firstborn son is an office worker. And my second son studied in the U.S.A. for one year and is now studying here in Japan to become a veterinarian. Living in a vegetarian way is good to us and the world we live in. My dream is to work with vegetarians around the world to promote vegetarianism.

[Mitsuru Kakimoto]
Mitsuru at the Chiang Mai
World Vegetarian Congress

Osaka, Japan