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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
2000 July 13


JULY 13, 2000 - THURSDAY
08:30 - 10:45 am and 5:00 - 6:15 pm

Attendees: Gerry Coffey, Saurabh Dalal, Robert Fraser, Tina Fox, P.K. Jain, Mitsuru Kakimoto, Claude Pasquini, Kevin Pickard, David Pye, Jashu Shah, Paul Turner

Facilitator: By consensus of the attendees, Kevin Pickard took the Chair pro tem. He was later elected Chair of the IC.

Scribe: By consensus of the attendees, Robert Fraser was Minutes Secretary for the duration of the meeting.

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were made for John Davis, Richard Dimech, and Marly Winckler.

2. Elections of Officers

By general agreement of the meeting attendees:
a. Kevin Pickard was elected Chair of the International Council (IC).
b. Tina Fox was elected Deputy Chair.
c. David Pye was elected Treasurer.
d. Saurabh Dalal was elected Secretary by the IC, thereby filling one of two vacant positions on the IC.

3. Regional Coordinators

The Regional Coordinator (RC) positions are as follows:
a. PK Jain - Africa.
b. Robert Fraser - Australasia.
c. Claude Pasquini - Europe.
d. Jashu Shah - India and the Far East.
e. Marly Winckler - Latin America.
f. For North America, Saurabh Dalal would be stepping down upon the appointment of a new RC for North America. Peter McQueen (VUNA President) may be interested and would be approached. Gerry Coffey (a VUNA Councilor and an IVU Councilor) might also consider this position. It was agreed the position would be confirmed via ivu-c.

4. Past IC Meeting Minutes

The Minutes of the IC Meetings held at Chiang Mai, Thailand on 3 JAN 99 and 8 JAN 99 were read. The minutes were approved with no matters arising.

5. IC Roles and Responsibilities

The following roles/responsibilities were identified as necessary for the IC and appointments were made:
a. Publications - Paul Turner
b. Fundraising - David Pye (Gerry Coffey would assist)
c. Membership - Tina Fox
d. Public Relations - Gerry Coffey
e. Volunteer Coordinator - (this new role is under IC consideration and no appointment was made)

6. Open IC Positions

Eight of the 10 elected positions on the IC were filled by election at the General Meeting. With Saurabh Dalal being elected IVU Secretary by the IC earlier in the meeting, one open position remains. This can be filled based on an identified need of the IC and/or an interested person with specific connections/talents. Possible persons to be considered are: Dr. Marcel Hebbelinck, Jenny Jones, Sigrid de Leo, Peter McQueen, General Saiyud Kerdpol, and Dr. K. M. Gangwal (from India was later suggested). Other nominations can be made via email with discussions and a subsequent decision to be made on ivu-c.

Additionally two more individuals can be co-opted as IC members to help with various needs, if the IC chooses to exercise this option.

7. Mankar Trophy.

a. Contrary to previous practice, the IC as a whole decided to directly award the Mankar Trophy. It was awarded to H Jay Dinshah, the late President of the American Vegan Society (AVS).
b. The IC agreed that in future, nominations should be made well in advance, with a timeline of at least 3 months before a Congress for discussion by the entire IC.

8. 2002 World Vegetarian Congress

Tina Fox spoke on the WVC in 2002 to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland hosted by the Vegetarian Society of the UK. She briefly described the work to date and will be making a slide presentation at the banquet on FRI, 15 July 2000.

9. Regional Reports

Regional reports were not read at the meeting. It was agreed that these would be included in the next issue of the IVU magazine.

10. Financial Accounts

David Pye reported on the accounts for the past five years. He explained that 1996/7 and 1997/8 accounts have not been fully audited as some supporting paperwork is not available. David and the auditors are discussing ways around this problem and the audit should be completed in the next few months.

He reported that approx. 42,000 Pounds are invested in UK gilt-edged stocks via the Lloyds TSB bank in the Channel Islands (this is to avoid UK tax). The rules have recently changed, and the shares must now be held either by a UK resident or an incorporated organization such as a registered charity or a company. (The IVU is not an incorporated body so is treated as a club or society and has no legal status.)

A committee was formed, comprising David Pye, Paul Turner, and Saurabh Dalal (Tina Fox would advise as needed), to investigate options and ramifications for registering IVU as a UK charity (or elsewhere), the types of investments made, and other possible financial institutions where funds could be held. A timeframe of 1 NOV 2000 was agreed for the committee to report back to the IC.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am and reconvened at 5 pm.

11. Mankar Trophy Presentation

It was agreed that Kevin Pickard, as Chair of IC, would present the trophy at the closing banquet.

12. Mankar, Mehta, and Patrons Funds

David Pye reviewed the sums of money held in the names of the different funds. Some discussion took place over the purpose and benefits of the funds.
a. It was moved by Saurabh Dalal and seconded by Paul Turner that that Council dispense with the separate tracking of the Patrons Fund and the money be absorbed into general funds. This passed with all in favor except one abstention.
b. The IC agreed to keep the Mankar Fund and Mehta Fund separate. David Pye will track the funds from the 1996 audited accounts to reach a present value for each. The Mankar Fund and the Mehta Fund would be kept under review by IC (or a sub-committee) to decide how best to use the interest from each fund.

13. IVU Magazine

Paul Turner discussed the production of the IVU magazine and reviewed areas of difficulty. He suggested we have a theme for each issue; new and regular contributors (such as Rae Sikora and Dr. Claus Leitzmann); a letters page would be included; a Q & A section; more advertising; and member society contributions.

The next issue might have the theme of local and regional organizations. The Regional Coordinators should submit their reports for the upcoming issue.

Paul requested more regular input from Council members and more local and regional societies' reports. It was agreed that Gerry, Tina, and Saurabh would prepare a report on the Congress for the next issue.

14. Press Releases

Gerry Coffey agreed to coordinate a Press Release regarding the newly elected IC. This would take advantage of the WVC in progress and give the press info on a current, newsworthy event.

15. EVU and VUNA

The situations concerning EVU and VUNA were discussed.
a. Kevin reported discussions with Claude Pasquini and Marcel Hebbelinck of EVU. It was hoped that a mutually satisfactory situation would soon be achieved. Presently EVU would join IVU as a normal society member.
b. VUNA has held internal discussions and laid out six options for its future. Since a timeline was not clear for either VUNA or IVU, the IC would like meaningful discussions to continue and a mutually agreeable resolution by the end of calendar year 2000.

16. 2006 WVC

Mitsuru Kakimoto reported that the Japan Vegetarian Society (JPVS) is interested in making a bid for the 2006 WVC. The JPVS will meet in November 2000 to discuss this specifically.

The meeting ended at 6:15 pm.