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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
(formerly the Executive Committee)

1954, May 1-2

MAY 1st/2nd 1954 - PARIS


1st May Meeting of Finance Committee
Chairman: Past President W.A.Sibly, M.A.

2nd May Meeting of the International Executive

  1. Message from the President Mrs.Clarence Gasque
  2. Opening remarks by Chairman, Past President W.A.Sibly, M.A.
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Minutes of previous meeting
  5. Matters arising
  6. 1995 Congress -
    1. Progress Report from Chairman French Congress Committee Dr.Jean Nusbaum
    2. Speakers at Congress: suggestions to date:
      Vice President Aldo Capitini, Founder President Italian Vegetarian Society
      Vice President Dr.Ralph Bircher
      Vice President Dugald Semple, President Scottish Vegetarian Society
      Vice President Lee Pritzker, President Canadian Vegetarian Union
  7. Financial Statement - Treasurer, Josef Pedersen
  8. Report on Israel Tour by Vice President Woodland Kahler
  9. "World Forum" - Geoffrey Rudd.
  10. Vegetarian Congress, Oriental countries 1956
  11. Proposed Far Eastern Tour - Woodland Kahler
  12. Scott Nearing's suggestions.
  13. Any other business

Minutes of Meeting of Executive Committee held in Paris on May 2nd 1954

Present, Messrs Egerod, Sibly, Pedersen, Kahler, Rudd & the Secretary

Deputy President Egerod first thanked Mr & Mrs Kahler for their hospitality and welcomed Mr Kahler to the Executive Committee. He then invited Mr Sibly to take the chair.

A message of goodwill and encouragement was read from the President, Mrs Gasque and an airmail reply signed by all present was depsatched in return.

Apologies for absence were read from Professor Aldo capitini, Mr James Hough, Dr Nussbaum, Daster Bode, Mrs Ecker-Lauer, Mr Schelin and Major Killander.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.

Because the preious meeting held in London on 18th October 1953 was not strictly constitutional inasmuch as the requisite months notice was not given to all entitled to attend, the secretary asked for the proceedings and decisions of this meeting to be ratified. This was accordingly done.

The election of Mr.H.H.Jones as Vice-President was confirmed & is now subject to approval at the next Congress.

Mr Kahler, in the absence of Dr.Nussbaum reported on the program made with the arrangements for the Paris Congress. He stated that La Cite/ Uniersitaire had been booked with the Rector's Permission. The main arrangements were in the hands of Dr.Nussbaum & M.Brobecker, who with Mme Brobecker formed Congress Secretariat. Good publicity was planned mainly due to Dr.Nussbaum's excellent connection with the press.

The secretary further reported on Congress arranegments & pointed out that the first request to book La Cite/ Universitaire was turned down but special intervention of Mr & Mrs Kahler, on personal lines, secured this excellent building for us. He stated his high regard for the Brobeckers and his confidence in their acting ably as joint secretaries.

Mr Egerod suggested that one of the Congress meetings should be held in the French Chamber of Deputies.

Mr Rudd said that any Food Exposition in connection with the Congress should be of a very high standard and very well displayed. In this connection the secretary reported that a 'feeler' put out to the British Health Food Companies had met with encouraging response.

It was agreed that excursions be arranged after assembly as many participants would prefer to arrange their own sight-seeing.

It was agreed that all addresses should be given by experts in their field, be of good delivery, be of reasonably short duration - say 30-40 minutes & that there be the minimum of overlapping. Addresses should be made in any one language and translations be available in English, French, German, Swedish.

The following speakers were suggested together with the points of approach -
Dr Douglas Latto - UK - Medical
Professor Aldo Capitini - Italy - Ethical
Dr Margaret Brady - UK - Soil
Dr.Nussbaum - France - Health
Dr Ralph Bircher - Switzerland - Economics
Dr.Jacqueline Marguette - France - Religion

It was agreed that Mr Kahler find a speaker from the U.S.A.

Treasurer Josef Pedersen gave the financial statement which should have been given at Sigtuna during the 13th Congress. This statement to be duplicated and circulated by the secretary.

Mr Pedersen also reported the findings of the finance sub-committee held on the previous day when Mr Kahler, Mr Rudd Mr Sibly - by special invitation, and the secretary were present.

He recommended that an InternationalTrust Fund be established to ensure the continuity and expansion of the work of the I.V.U. & that a properly worded appeal be framed and launched as soon as possible.

Funds of such Trust Fund to be deposited in at least two countries, the most suitable places to be investigated by the finance committee under the guidance of Mr Pedersen.

This recommendation was agreed by the committee.

A further proposal to open the I.V.U. to indiidual membership in response to numerous requests from many countries. Such membership in no way to conflict with present national membership status was approved. It was agreed that all member nations be first approached for their approval.

Mr Pedersen was warmly thanked, as was Mr Rudd, for their patient and skilled handling of an involved and obscure financial position.

Mr Kahler reported on the I.V.U. Tour of Israel when he and the secretary cisited that country to further the movement internally, and link Israeli vegetarians with the world movement. He expressed his surprise on the situation in Israel calling it a modern miracle of rebirth. From a land ruined by the goat-culture of the Arabs it is now a land where tree-culture is recliming lost fertility & making the deser blossom again. The two IVU delegates were officially adopted and shewn every hospitality and assistance. He stressed the importance of Israel in modern world affairs pointing out that lines of communication reach from that country to all Jewish colonies and settlements all over the world and said that if Israel were to become largely vegetarian such propaganda for our movement would reach all corners of the earth. To Mr Kahler, Israel was an ideal country for vegetarians. He stated that he was eager to the point of impatience to have the secretary go out and finish the work that had been started.

Mr Kahler commented on the organisinbg of the Israeli Tour saying that there are three separate but interdependent actions to take, first preparation by letters and advance publicity, then the tour itself and finally the follow-up to see that connections made were developed and suggested plans put into operation. He wanted the secretary to return to Israel for up to six months then to collect him and both go East to India, Ceylon & other countries of the Orient. Mr Kahler continued to unfold his wise scheme suggesting that after the 1955 Congress an IVU delegation go to Russia encouraged by the overwhelming success of the Israeli Tour, the internal set-up of these two countries being so similar. After which & with the gathered prestige and experience he and the secretary to tour the USA to unify the vegetarian movement there. He stated that the American Vegetarian Union had petered out & that visits to so many other countries would impress the USA where considerable sums of money were waiting to be tapped for I.V.U. work.

Mr Egerod stated that anti-Jewish, anti-Russian feeling in the USA would antagonise the latter nation.

Mr Kahler replied that this would not be the case if wisely handled, that the whole picture would be tackled on a global front & Russia not over emphasized.

Mr Sibly expressed his surprise that vegetarian ideas would be welcome in Russia.

Mr Kahler replied that someday USA & Russia would have to live in harmony and as for the Far East the Buddhists should welcome the IVU as the only western organisation upholding the essential Buddhist doctrine.

Mr Sibly asked for financial details for such an extensive plan & Mr Kahler replied that his idea was for the secretary to take his family to Israel where they would live in a settlement while the secretary toured the country. He would be able to help the secretary with his fare to the Far East & furthermore on the passing of his father, would be in a financial position to help forward the work of the IVU.

Mr Sibly asked what would happen to other IVU work during absence of secretary & Mr Kahler said that a deputy should run the office. He mentioned Mr Montagu Haines who has already taken charge of the office for short periods. This gentleman is retired, has volunteered for IVU work & would only expect travel expenses.

Mr Sibly expressed his veiws that Mrs Walker should travel with the secretary on his long tours.

The secretary expressed his appreciation of this remark saying that at present he and is wife have no private life. The secretary followed up Mr Kahler's report and recommendations saying that a full account had already been circulated to all committee members and vice-presidents. He concluded by saying that another Israeli tour was expected & needed by that country & that so much had been started that needed finishing.

The committee thanked & congratulated Mr Kahler & the secretary on their work in Israel.

The secretary continuing on the subject of long overseas tours pointed out the advantage of having two on such trips to share the strain of driving, long interviews & business meetings. He expressed his unbounded gratitude to Mr Kahler for his companionship & assistance in Israel.

The secretary further stated that he had received an invitation to hold the 1955 Congress in Bombay but that the main IVU Congresses must be held in Europe out of loyalty to the nations who had built the IVU. He had however made tentative plans for a supplementary Congress to be held in Bombay to cater for countries of the Orient. This was receiving the support of Dastor Bode and local arrangements would be handled by the Bombay Humanitarian League which was a member of the IVU. The date to be late 1956 or early 1957. This plan was approved.

The position linking the IVU with World Forum was discussed and Mr Rudd - the Founder & Editor of this unique magazine siad that he is most happy to place World Forum at the fullest disposal of the IVU.

Secretary stated that if World Forum could be developed & its revenue employed by the IVU this would enable us to employ Mr Rudd fully in IVU work.

Mr Rudd expressed the view that World Forum as a business concern should be quite apart from direct IVU control and finances.

Vice President Scott Nearing had sent some suggestions for furthering the work of the IVU but on examination it was seen that must of these were already incoporated in the IVU office work. Concerning his request for propaganda it was agreed that a suitable informative leaflet could be composed for sending to individual enqiries but that otherwise propaganda is a matter for national societies.

Mr Pedersen gave a final statement concerning the Sigtuna congress and concern was expressed that our treasurer should still be owed 22 for Dastor Bodes expenses. Mr Pedersen said that he is willing to wait for re-imbursement.

The chairman expressed the opinion that all arrangements at Sigtuna were excellent and this was agreed warmly and unanimously.

Mr Pedersen proposed that the salary of the secretary should be increased and it was agreed that this should be 1000 per annum or alternatively, as larger office premises were essential, that the IVU pay for the rent of a house for the secretary which premises to be used as the IVU office. Notice of termination to be six months from either side.

It was agreed that steps be taken to get the I.V.U. recognised as a charity.

The secretary reported the difficulties in organised the proposed Youth Camp for 1954. The support that Mrs Kruse, the camp site owner expected from French Vegetarians was not forthcoming but he was reluctant to abandon the project on account of promises given. It was recommended to keep numbers down to a safe limit that could be adequately accommodated and fed.

With firther expressions of gratitude to Mr & Mrs Kahler for permitting the committee to meet in their convenient and comfortable residence & with thanks to the able chairmanship of Mr Sibly, the meeting closed.

June 30th 1956