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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
(formerly the Executive Committee)

1953, October 18



  1. Opening remarks by the President - Mrs.Gasque
  2. Minutes of the previous committee meeting held in Holland during Easter 1952
  3. Matters arising therefrom
  4. Winding up of the 1953 Congress - lessons learned -
    1. Organisation
    2. Press reports
  5. 1955 Congress in Paris
    1. Appointment of small sub-committee to decide on suitable location and make preparatory arrangements.
    2. International Vegetarian Food Exposition
  6. Office Policy for the next two-year period -
    1. Office premises
    2. Office activities
    3. Personal contacts and travel - Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Israel
  7. Date and location of next Committee meeting
  8. Any other business

Minutes of a meeting of members of the Executive Committee held in Hampstead, London on the 18th October 1953

President Mrs Gasque in the Chair
Past President Mr W.A.Sibly
Deputy President Mr Oluf Egerod
Vice President Mr Scott Nearing
Committee members Messrs Kahler Nussbaum
Mr Geoffrey Rudd attended as the personal representative of Vice-President James Hough with the approval of those present.

The President opened the meeting with words of welcome to her London house.

An apology for absebce was read from Treasurer Josef Pederesen in which he stated his serious concern that accounts long overdue from Assistant Treasurer Jones were still not forthcoming.

A telephone message was received from Assistant Treasurer Jones stating that a cold prevented his attendance. It was the view of those present that this was a diplomatic sickness brought on by Mr Jones failure to fulfil his duties as Assistant Treasurer and that the question of relieving him of his duties should be discussed in the business of the meeting.

Before reading the minutes of the previous meeting the Secretary pointed out that the terms of the constitution, requiring one month's notice of a committee meeting had not been fulfilled & that therefore the meeting could not be counted as a constitutional committee meeting and any decisions made would be open to challenge.

The minutes of the previous meeting were then read, approved and signed.

In the absence of the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer the finances were discussed generally.

It was agreed that the treasurer's request for the payment of affiliation fees should be accompanied by a special reqiest for member nations to give liberally beyond the appropriate affiliation fee in order to assist with the rapid expansion of office work.

It was agreed to ask Mr Jones to surrender his office as Assistant Treasurer and the Mr.Geoffrey Rudd should take over this responsibility. Mr.Sibly generously offered to visit Mr.Jones personally and communicate this decision in the most diplomatic and friendly manner. This offer was warmly accepted.

It was agreed that Messrs Kahler Nussbaum and the Secretaru should act on behalf of the Committee in organising the 14th World Vegetarian Congress in Paris in 1955 & that they should invite suitable vegetarian leaders in France to join in forming a special Congress Committee.

The first week of August was agreed to be the most suitable date.

Messrs Nussbaum Kahler were asked to find a suitable location in Paris for the Congress and the President would visit it with them on her forthcoming visit to France.

Following a general discussion on the matter of Congresses it was agreed that a properly organised Press Conference should be arranged to avoid a repetition of irresponsible press intervbiews given in Sweden at the 13th Congress with the resultant unsatisfactory press reports.

It was agreed that an International Vegetarian Food Exposition should be arranged in conjunction with the next Congress subject to sufficient instructions of support being forthcoming, the Secretary to sound out the British Vegetarian Food Producers first as a guidance.

The secretary reported on his work for the past two years stating that the office work and travel had now developed into two full time jobs & that we should decide which must now be concentrated upon at the expense of the other. No precise decision was arrived at as all expansion depended upon increased income.

It was agreed that when finances and other relevant considerations permit Mt.Geoffrey Rudd should join the present Secretary in the office as a full time worker, Mr.Rudd having stated his willingness to make such a move.

The Secretary gave a resume of office activities & explained how these could be extended to serve the vegetarian movement more widely whe office staff was increased.

The Secretary also reported upon the very considerable number of contacts now being maintained by the office with vegetarian and kindred organisations throughout the world.

The secretary stated that his travel plans for the ensuing year included visits to Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Israel, for the last country a joint mission having been planned with Richard St.Barbe Baker, founder of the Men of the Trees. In connection with this expedition to Israel Mr.Woodland Kahler expressed his willingness to accompany the secretary at his own expense and the offer was gratefully accepted.

The secretary's travel programme was approved.

The secretary drew the attention of the meeting to the valuable and friendly co-operation given by the proprietors of World Forum stating that free and extensive use of the pages of this excellent magazine was always available and that we were mainly indebted to Mr.Geoffrey Rudd for this invaluable assistance to our work.

The Secretary asked for the appointment of a finance sub-committee to help him make decisions involving expenditure and to share the responsibility consequent upon such decisions.

It was agreed that a finance sub-committee be appointed consisting of the President, the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer, Mr.Woodland Kahler and the Secretary, Mr Kahler to act as chairman in the event of the President's absence. Mr Woodland Kahler proposed that in view of the extensive travels of the secretary the meetings to be attended and the hospitality to be extended to our many visitors a car should be provided for the use of the secretary. It was agreed that such a car be purchased at a price of approximately 450.

It was agreed that the next meeting should be held in Paris near Easter 1954.

Mr.Sibly with the warm support of all present ecpressed thanks of the meeting to the President, Mrs.Gasque, for presiding so ably, for permitting the meeting to be held at her house and for the excellent lunch that preceded the meeting.

Signed in Paris on the 2nd May 1954
by past President & Chairman W.A.Sibly