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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
(formerly the Executive Committee)

1952, Easter

Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held at Bloemendaal, near Haarlem, Holland over Easter 1952.

President W.A.Sibly in the cheir.
Vice Presidents - Mrs Clarence Gasque and James Hough.
Treasurer Josef Pedersen
Hon.Secretary Oluf Egerod
Assistant Treasurer H.H.Jones
Secretary: Hanworth Walker

Mr.Sibly opened proceedings welcoming members expressing special pleasure at the attendance of Mrs.Gasque & appreciating the beautiful location chosen for the meeting.

Mrs Gasque replied & assured the Committee of her constant interest in their work & of her satisfaction at being present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed,

The secretary reported on the satifactory establishment of the London office, on progress made in making contact with vegetarian groups in many lands & of the satisfaction expressed in many quarters of the important forward steps taken by the I.V.U. in Holland in 1950 backed by Mrs Gasque's generous support.

The secretary reported that every item of interest or importance had been communicated to committee members through memoranda from the office. The purpose was to keep all members closely advised of the work and not to wait until Committee meetings.

In return Committee members had given the Secretary the benefit of their guidance and experience.

The Secretary assured the Committee that constant touch was kept with the president & his counsel sought on any matter of doubt.

The treasurer Mr Josef Pedersen gave an outline financial report & stated that affiliation fees were proving a little difficult to collect though thid would probably be facilitated with the improvement of our organisation. He stated that his computation of affiliation fees from all sources would be about 60 per annum. On hearing that no fees had been paid by the U.S.A. for the preceding year Mrs Gasque immediately handed the Treasurer a ten dollar bill and explained the present position of the Vegetarian movement in the U.S.A. saying that the vast distances prevented easy co-ordination & that no real degree of organisation had yet been achieved.

Mr Josef Pedersen reported fully on progress made with the 1953 Congress & that the secretary had visited Sweden & that together they had decided on The Humanist College, at Sigtuna, north of Stockholm as the location of the Congress. The date is to be 1st to 8th August. It was agreed that the Swedish Congress Committee and the Secretary of the I.V.U. should keep in close touch & that the latter should send out notices & information concerning the Congress.

The programme was discussed & it was decided to leave this in the hands of the Swedish Congress Committee.

It was agreed to invite Dr Frank Wokes the well-known British Nutritionist expert to deliver a topical address at the Congress, the Secretary to send the invitation.

Mrs Gasque said that she might consider inviting Dr Szekely to the Congress.

It was agreed that the secretary seek invitations from affiliated countries for the 1956 Congress so that the venue could be notified at the Congress in Sweden. It was decided to decline an invitation from the Dublin Vegetarian Society to hold the 1956 Congress in Kellarney, Ireland.

The Secretary reported that in an effort to serve the Youth of the vegetarian movement he was organising an International Vegetarian Youth Camp in England in Summer 1952. This was approved. Mrs Gasque offered to donate up to 100 to provide for excursions & outings. This gesture was warmly received.

The Secretary reported that he had received an invitation from the American Vegetarian Union to undertake a 2/3 month lecture tour of the United States to stimulate interest & learn the extent of the movement. He had communicated this suggestion to the President who had given his approval if the financial question could be met. On hearing of the proposal Mrs Gasque had stated her willingness to finance the tour & all arrangements had been made for the secretary to leave England on 7th May to fulfil an extensive tour terminating in mid July. The Committee warmly expressed its gratitude at this further most generous support of Mrs Gasque.

It was stated that the Mazdaznan Sahambar(?) would be held in Stuttgart on August 2-9 & it was arranged that Mr Oluf Egerod should represent the IVU.

Notice was given of a German Public Health Week at Koblenz on May 31 - June 8, a function that German Vegetarians are interested in.

A proposal to issue some simple form of guidance to non-vegetarian caterers was submitted by the Vegetarian Caterin Association of England, discussed & approved. The Secretary was asked to collaborate with the V.C.A.

Mrs Gasque had compiled a very suitable form to be used in notifying air companies that a vegetarian would be using their service. It was decided that this form should be printed not only for use with air companies but also for rail, coach & sea services. On account of the large number required to distribute to all I.V.U. connections the secretary was asked to obtain estimates & report at the next meeting.

The Secretary explained the Educational Exchange Scheme and the Holiday Exchange Scheme started at the office & which he hoped would be developed into a useful service to vegetarianism.

The Secretary made available the results of the questionnaire sent to all affiliated nations.

A general discussion followed & terminated the proceedings the day of 10th April 1953.

On the following day the 11th April consequent upon points raised on the previous day it was agreed that in view of the establishment of a permanent international office the 200 preciously paid direct to Oluf Egerod by Mrs Gasque's London Brokers chould in future be paid direct into I.V.U. funds and be administered by the treasurer.

It was agreed that Oluf Egerod should continue to travel for and represent the IVU & that he tender his accounts to the treasurer for payment.

Mr Sibly stated his intention of retiring from the Presidency at the Congress in Sweden feeling that this honour should be shared with others. It was agreed that the Committee should make the following nominations at the Congress -
Past President Mr W.A.Sibly
President Mrs Clarence Gasque
Vice-Presidents - Oluf Egerod and James Hough

It was agreed that the next meeting be held at Stevangen in Norway from September 20th to 23rd & that Magnus Karlsen be asked to make accommodation arrangements on our behalf.

Signed on the 18th October '53

Maude M Gasque
President & Chairman
(also signed by W.A. Sibly)

[it appears that the meeting proposed for Norway, September 1952, did not take place and that the next meeting was in London, October 1953.]