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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
(formerly the Executive Committee)

1951, July 17

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held at Mercury House, 43 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3. On 17th July 1951 at 11a.m.

Mr.W.A.Sibly in the chair, Mr.Oluf Egerod (Hon Secretary), Mr Josef Pederson, Treasurer, Mr James Hough, Mr H.H.Jones and the Secretary.

The President opened the proceedings with a few comments of welcome.

The Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting, recorded by H.H.Jones. These were approved and signed.

The Hon.Secretary Oluf Egerod reported that he had handed over relevant I.V.U. papers to the new Secretary & would pass on any more that came to light. He assured the meeting of his willingness to advise and assist the new Secretary.

The Secretary reported on work to date, the securing of a temporary office at 74 Hamilton Terrace, the H.Q. of the Mazdaznan Movement in England by the courtesy of Mr.Harry Harris, also of the overtures made to the London Vegetarian Society, The Men of the Trees, World Government, Order of the Cross, The Vegetarian Catering Association, The Nature Cure Clinic, The Mazdaznan Movement & The Theosophical Society.

The Secretary pointed out that the period since the establishment of a permanent I.V.U. office had been devoted to feeling the way - and building up. There was very little in the way of records documents or precedence to go on.

All affiliated Societies had been notified of the formation of the I.V.U. office and a copy of the Constitution sent with request for suggested alterations, amendements & additions as the Constitution needed revising.

The aplication of the Finnish Vegetarian Society for affiliation was reported and accepted.

The nomination of the I.V.U. for the Nobel Peace Prize by Symon Gould was discussed and not taken seriously. The feeling was that this was possibly a publicity stunt for his newspaper.

Mr.Sibly asked that as much work as possible be passed on from the Hon.Secretary to the Secretary to avoid duplication.

Mr.Jones gave the financial report & stated that a sum of 167 per month was arriving from Mrs.Gasque's agents in London.

Mr.Pedersen advised that Mr.Jones should act as assistant treasurer to Mr.Pedersen in order to deal with the IVU finance in England & with the Secretary.

It was agreed that a letter be sent to all affiliated societies asking for fees to be sent to Mr.Jones.

It was agreed that the Secretary be empowered to accept applications for affiliation subject to all conditions being fulfilled.

Mr Pedersen was authorised to deposit IVU funds in those countries he thought suitable bearing in mind the future programme and the likely centres of IVU work in the years immediately ahead.

It was agreed that so far as was practicable Mr.Pedersen should control the IVU affiliated societies subscriptions and that Mr.Jones should administer Mrs.Gasque's grant.

The Secretary was asked to keep Mrs.Gasque informed of developments and progress.

Mr.Jones offered to approach the firm of H.Julius Lunt of Manchester with the request that they become Hon.Auditors.

It was agreed that fares and expenses of Committee members be paid from IVU funds, so far as possible members travelling 3rd class in England and 2nd on the Continent.

It was agreed that we endeavour to hold two committee meetings a year in April and October, the next to be held in Holland over Easter weekend, the Secretary to fix suitable accommodation, preferably near the Hague.

After an excellent lunch provided by Mrs.English, Secretary of the V.C.A. & her staff, the meeting re-assembled without the Secretary.

After a private discussion the Secretary was called & the President informed him of the Committee's approval of the work done so far. The Secretary's salary was to be paid from the 1st January 1951. An increase of 50 p.a. from 1st August and a further increase of 50 p.a. from 1st January 1952.

The forthcoming meetings of the German Vegetarian Societies was discussed. It was agreed that Mr.Pedersen, Mr.Egerod & the Secretary attend, that they do not attempt to interfere in any way with the German domestic affairs but that they watch, advise & record.

Mr.Pedersen reported on the progress of the arrangements for the 1953 I.V.U. Congress in Sweden. He stated that a congress committee had been formed and a draft programme drawn up. Further progress would be reported to the committee.

It was agreed to invite Dr.Frank Wokes to deliver a suitable lecture at the Congress.

The Secretary was asked to invite applications from the affiliated societies who wished to accommodate the IVU Congress in 1956.

A general discussion then took place on future work & co-operation with kindred societies. It was agreed that in this exploratiry period no concrete plans could be formulated but that the secretary should continue on his present lines & report developments to the Committee.

It was agreed that we aim at producing our own World Magazine at the opportune time in the future, but that the present time was too early for such an important venture. A duplicated bulletin should be used for the present.

The meeting adjourned after a full days work.

Signed on the Friday the 11th April 1952
President and Chairman