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Miguel Facal
International Council Member 2005-

We are working specially in Uruguay at UVVU, giving lectures (including several foreign specialists from Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil), courses, public activities and activism on our own and helping other organizations, donations to pet's care organizations, etc.

Marly Winckler, our Regional Coordinator, had the chance of take contact with our work, and we are in contact constantly with Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, etc, to grow the UVLA . We have attended First Latin American- Brazilian Congress, in Sao Paulo, with a 5 persons delegation (including a special interview to me for Brazilian TV). All this has no antecedents in our region.

Plans for the next period comprise, among others, a new magazine, maintain constant interchange between Latin America and the rest of the world societies , and growing even more the first vegetarian library and video library, in Uruguay, and we just begun to study and organize data about vegetarianism history (worldwide, but specially in Latin America), copying and classifying data and magazines from 1904 and early 20th Century (we found an important archive at Theosophical Society in Montevideo, Uruguay).

Miguel Facal, Co -founder UVVU (Uruguay)
-living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and  Montevideo, Uruguay