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Dr A.Meyroos
Member of the first IVU provisional Committee, 1908-1909
Member of the Congress Organising Committee, 1910

Dr Meyroos was the Secretary of the Nederlands Vegetariër-Bond when IVU was formed, and became a member of the first Committee.

Extracts from the report of the First IVU Congress, in Dresden, Germany, 1908:

... Dr. Thesmar. Dr. Selss, president of the German Vegetarian Bund; Dr. Meyroos, Rotterdam, secretary of the Netherlands Vegetarian Society; Mr. Luck, Berlin; Mr. J. A. Gill, Tunbridge Wells, representing the Friends' Vegetarian Society ; Mr. William Simpson, Mr. Hamilton Harris, and Mr. Albert Broadbent, representing the Vegetarian Society; all stayed with Frau. Dr. Thesmar, 9, Munchner Strass, Alstadt. ...

... Dr. Selss, Dr. Meyroos, and Mr. William Simpson made a suitable response to Herr Dressler's welcome, ...

... it was finally unanimously agreed that "An International Vegetarian Union" be formed, and that for the present no financial call should be made upon any of the Societies forming the Union. Dr. Selss (Baden-Baden), Dr. Meyroos (Rotterdam), and Mr. Albert Broadbent (Manchester, England), were appointed to act as a Committee. ...

... Dr. Meyroos brought hearty greetings from vegetarians in Holland, and informed the Congress of the work the Netherlands Society had carried on for children. Although the Society was formed only 11 years ago they had progressed at a rapid rate, and their prospects for the future were very encouraging. In dealing with the subject "Why are we vegetarians?" Dr. Meyroos made an earnest plea on behalf of the moral claims of vegetarianism. ...

... The speakers included Dr. Selss, Dr. Meyroos, Herr Dressler ...

From the Vegetarian Messenger, December 1908:

Dresden Conference. - Among the delegates who attended our first International gathering was Mr. A. Meyroos, LL.D, who represented the "Nederlands Vegetariër-Bond." He congratulates the Meeting on its good results, in as much as a provisional committee was formed, and a meeting for next year projected in Manchester, to which he looks forward with delight, and from which he hopes great things. Mr. Meyroos praises the good cordial understanding which reigned throughout the meetings, and also Mrs. Thesmar's excellent catering and homelike hospitality.

From the Vegetarian Messenger, March1909:

The Committee of the International Vegetarian Union (A.Meyroos, LL.D., Rotterdam ; Dr Nyssens, Brussels ; Dr Selss, Baden-Baden ; and Mr A, Broadbent, Manchester), met at Rotterdam, on the 14th February.

From the reports of the 2nd IVU Congress, held in Manchester, England, 1909:

Dr Meyroos spoke for Holland, where vegetarianism is growing apace and commanding attention in the public press. Holland has good vegetarian restaurants, a sanitorium, a children's home, a good organ, De 'Bode, and has borne a child in the Vegetarian Society of the East Indies.

From the Vegetarian Messenger, January 1910:

The Vegetarische 'Bode [Netherlands] contains Dr. Meyroos' glowing account. He evidently had a good time among us, and from what we remember of him, I should say he carries his own good spirits with him everywhere. Whether he liked that happy name some one found for him, or not, "the genial giant" certainly suits him. Dr. Meyroos is impressed with the English way of work. He holds that we all feel the ethical side of our movement (I hope he is right) but we do not neglect the business side of our organisation. The English business spirit pervades all. He refers to our stores, which are carried on at a profit, and withal do a grand service to our members, and we pay our officials in a fair manner, so that they can devote themselves to our service. Dr. Meyroos highly appreciates our hearty welcome to the visitors and the home-hospitality held out to them. This gave a sense of common, brotherly feeling, a hearty, living spirit "which they have carried home and should turn to profit. This meeting, " concludes Dr. Meyroos, "may well stand as a model for future International Congresses." The Dutch version of the paper which Dr. Meyroos read at Manchester appears in the current issue of the 'Bode.

The March 1910 issue lists Dr Meyroos as a member of the organising committee for the 1910 Congress in Brussels, Belgium. From the report of that Congress:

Dr. Meyroos, Secretary, represented Holland. His greeting was spoken in Dutch - clearly a Dutchman must salute in his own language, or his heart would not go out the same - then he gave his report in French. He said they prospered in Holland and learnt by experience. In the Hague there has been, for 10 years, a good vegetarian restaurant and hotel which is now going to be enlarged, and he asked for support, - "moral in the first place - financial also."

[at a later concert] Dr. Meyroos sang some National and other songs in Dutch, but a French version of the words were given on the programme.

The next IVU Congress was in 1913 at The Hague, in Dr Meyroos' home country - but there is no mention of him in the reports, and no mention in any subsequent reports.

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