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Mark Berriman
IVU Regional Secretary for Australasia 1993-99

from The Australian Vegetarian Experience - a talk by Rober Fraser at the 1999 IVU Congress in Thailand

In 1991, a new vegetarian magazine was started by Vegetarian Societies in New South Wales and Victoria, based upon their local newsletters. This magazine, 'New Vegetarian', was largely the initiative of the President of the New South Wales branch of the Australian Vegetarian Society, Mark Berriman, who, together with Mark and Adrienne Cassattari-Brown, quickly built this magazine into a major national publication. We in WA merged with it later that year. In 1996, the Natural Health Society of Australia decided to merge their publication with NV, and it became the 'New Vegetarian and Natural Health' magazine.

Minutes of meetings of the International Council of I.V.U. held during the World Vegetarian Congress in Madras, India from 5th - 10th January, 1993.

It was reported that Mr John Lee, who had been the regional secretary for Australasia, had resigned. Since there had not been an Australasian regional meeting to elect a successor, it was agreed that Mr Mark Berriman, who had been supported by several Australasian member societies, should be elected to the post.

31st World Vegetarian Congress 1994, The Hague, Holland
Minutes of the IVU General Meeting

World Congress 1996
Mr Mark Berriman reported the arrangements proposed for the world congress due to be held in Sydney, Australia in 1996. He reported that he was carrying out a survey to ascertain the most suitable time of year and invited people to speak to him about their preferences. He reported that excursions would also be arranged.

Reports from Regional Secretaries
Australasia - Mr Mark Berriman reported a very active year with increasing co-operation between societies. The magazine "New Vegetarian" was enjoying success and was supported by most of the Australian vegetarian societies. The sales were increasing and 5,500 were currently being sold. They were producing a number of leaflets and promoting the use of the VSUK sprouting seed emblem on products marketed in Australia. They had held a national meeting of vegetarian society representatives and there had been keenness to work together and looked forward to a successful congress.

Minutes of meetings of the International Council of I. V.U. held at various times during the World Vegetarian Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands, from 7th - 13th August, 1994.
Present: . . . Mr Mark Berriman

World Congress 1996

a) Venue: Mark Berriman suggested that Coogee Beach would be a good venue due to its proximity to the centre of Sydney, its provision of hotels, back packer hostels and youth hostel as well as university accommodation close by. The proposal was discussed and some possible problems mentioned. It was agreed that the organisers should discuss the question with the Hon. General Secretary.

b) Meeting Facilities: The Holiday Inn was suggested as the main venue and its facilities were considered and approved subject to the potential capacity of the meeting rooms. It was agreed that accommodation should be available for lectures, workshops, meetings of small groups and an exhibition area.

c) Accommodation: It was emphasised that the range of accommodation provided should suit all price ranges.

d) Registration: The need for a team of people who could be relied upon was discussed. The price for the registration fee should allow for inflation and be kept as low as possible to encourage more people to attend. It was agreed that the registration fee should not exceed that charged for the 1994 world congress. It was suggested the price for the registration fee should be staged to encourage people to book early.

e) Organisers' Responsibilities: It was emphasised that financing the congress and underwriting any loss were the responsibility of the organisers. It was suggested that consideration be given to undertaking insurance against such a possibility.

f) IVU's Responsibilities: These are as mentioned in the IVU Constitution and the document on congress organisation given to the congress organisers.

g) Programme: Campaigning and techniques to be used in campaigning were suggested for the programme. Specific dates were needed for the offer of lectures workshops etc. It was agreed that workshops should be of one hour duration. Each evening there should be some entertainment which brought people together and encouraged them to mix and meet new people. New and exciting developments in vegetarianism should be brought into the programme and cookery demonstrations provided and the general public encouraged to attend.

h) Dates and Period: It was pointed out that Easter is a popular time for a congress. The congress would need to last for six days and include some excursions. The programme should start in the evening on the first day. There should be some banquet type event on the final evening. The first evening should be a social event to encourage people to meet. together.

i) Ceremonies: A tree planting was suggested and awards for people who have served the vegetarian cause well.

j) IVU General Meetings: The programme should allow for a minimum of two three hour sessions on separate days when no other activity is programmed.

k) Catering: The need to provide properly for vegans and raw food people was emphasised. It was suggested the main meals should be vegan with milk and other dairy products being available for those who wanted them. Non vegan items should be clearly labelled and there should be no reliance on free food from manufacturers.

l) Publicity: It was agreed that people should be appointed in major areas to publicise the congress and encourage people to attend.

m) Media: The importance of having competent people responsible for encouraging media interest in the congress was discussed. A major aim of the congress should be to promote the cause by media publicity.

Minutes of a meeting of the International Council of I.V.U. held on 25th July, 1995, at the Congress of the Furopean Vegetarian Union held in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

World Congress 1996

The Hon. General Secretary reported his visit to Sydney and the correspondence from Mark Berriman who was organising the congress. Considerable concern was expressed over the delays in circulating full congress information and the problems involved in informing members of societies, especially where newsletters and magazines are infrequent. It was agreed to await full information from Mark Berriman who is due to attend the San Diego Vegan Festival before making any decision over the congress.

Regional Secretaries' Reports
Australasia - The Hon. General Secretary reported the comments of the Regional secretary, Mark Berriman, that vegetarianism was developing well in Australia and that there is growing interest from the media and the general public.

Minutes of a meeting of the international Council of I.V.U. held on 7th & 8th August 1995, during the Vegan Festival held at the San Diego State University, USA.

Present: Mr Mark Berriman,

World Congress 1996

Jane Salmon joined Mark Berriman to report on the proposed world congress in Sydney, Australia in 1996. Mark Berriman reported that they wished to withdraw their offer to host the congress due to administrative and financial difficulties. The Hon. General Secretary reported the concerns he had felt when he had visited Sydney to discuss progress in the arrangements for the congress. Council accepted with regret the decision to withdraw from hosting the 1996 world congress.

32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
Minutes of the IVU General Meeting

Matters arising
The Hon.General Secretary explained the reasons given by Mark Berriman for the cancellation of the congress planned for Sydney in 1996 and expressed his thanks to the North American Vegetarian Society for their co-operation and goodwill in working with IVU to ensure a good congress.

Minutes of a meeting of the International Council of 1.V.U. held at various times during the world vegetarian congress held at the University of Pittsburgh, Pitt-Johnstown Campus, Pennsylvania, USA.
Apologies - Mr Mark Berriman

World Congress 1996

The Hon. General Secretary reported the negotiations with the North American Vegetarian Society to ensure a congress would take place, the offer to host the congress having been withdrawn by Mr Mark Berriman of the Australian Vegetarian Society.