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Josef Pedersen

IVU Treasurer 1950-63
IVU Vice President 195? - 1977

From reports of the 1947 IVU Congress, held in Stonehouse, England:

... Brief speeches were made by the overseas delegates ... Mr. G. Hedfors (Sweden), Mr. J. Pedersen (Sweden), ... (photo right from 1947)

From reports of the 1950 IVU Congress, held in The Netherlands:

... Brief speeches were made by delegates from the countries represented. ...J. Pedersen (Sweden), ...

... Election of Officers. The officers of the I.V.U. were elected as follows-- ...Hon. 'Treasurer: J. Pedersen (Sweden), ...

Farewell Dinner. ... J. Pedersen (Sweden). .... also spoke,

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting October 22, 1950, in Manchester, England:

Mr.Egerod reported fully upon a suggested programme, submitted by Mr.Pederson, for the next congress fixed at Sigtuna, N.W. of Stockholm, Sweden.

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held at Mercury House, 43 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3. On 17th July 1951 at 11a.m.

Mr.W.A.Sibly in the chair, Mr.Oluf Egerod (Hon Secretary), Mr Josef Pederson, Treasurer, Mr James Hough, Mr H.H.Jones and the Secretary.
Mr.Pedersen advised that Mr.Jones should act as assistant treasurer to Mr.Pedersen in order to deal with the IVU finance in England & with the Secretary.
Mr Pedersen was authorised to deposit IVU funds in those countries he thought suitable bearing in mind the future programme and the likely centres of IVU work in the years immediately ahead.
It was agreed that so far as was practicable Mr.Pedersen should control the IVU affiliated societies subscriptions and that Mr.Jones should administer Mrs.Gasque's grant.
The forthcoming meetings of the German Vegetarian Societies was discussed. It was agreed that Mr.Pedersen, Mr.Egerod & the Secretary attend, that they do not attempt to interfere in any way with the German domestic affairs but that they watch, advise & record.
Mr.Pedersen reported on the progress of the arrangements for the 1953 I.V.U. Congress in Sweden. He stated that a congress committee had been formed and a draft programme drawn up. Further progress would be reported to the committee.

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting April 10/11, 1952, near Haarlem, Holland:

The treasurer Mr Josef Pedersen gave an outline financial report & stated that affiliation fees were proving a little difficult to collect though thid would probably be facilitated with the improvement of our organisation. He stated that his computation of affiliation fees from all sources would be about £60 per annum.

Mr Josef Pedersen reported fully on progress made with the 1953 Congress & that the secretary had visited Sweden & that together they had decided on The Humanist College, at Sigtuna, north of Stockholm as the location of the Congress.

Josef Pederson at the 1953 which he organised, above on the right, and below on the left

1953 Congress Sigtuna, Sweden, organised by Mr. Pedersen:

On arrival we were welcomed by the genius of the Congress, Josef Pedersen, treasurer of both the I.V.U. and the Swedish Vegetarian Society whose good humour, infinite patience and capable management kept the complicated Congress machinery running smoothly through the whole week. Very little seen, even less heard, Josef Pedersen's name will always be associated with a Congress that, in the opinion of those who have attended many, was as good as any of the past.

. . . the finale of this visit to Stockholm's famous Town Hall was alone worth the long journey to Sweden. Our guide made his closing remarks with his back against a pair of massive doors and, as he finished, these two great wooden screens slowly parted and revealed a sight so amazing, indeed almost fantastic, as to draw forth a long exclamation of wonder and excitement from all those present. Beyond was a great hall in golden mosaic inlaid with huge figures of almost barbaric splendour and in this palace of wonder long tables were set out and laden a feast to vie with the surroundings. Two figures were quietly enjoying this magnificent surprise, for this was the closely guarded secret of Ernst Killander and Josef Pedersen, and their faces made no attempt to conceal their boyish delight at their guests' burst of appreciation for this most generous gesture.

Officers of the International Vegetarian Union - elected at Sigtuna:
Treasurer, Mr. J. Pedersen, Sweden.
Executive Committee, . . . Mr. J. Pedersen,

Minutes of Meeting of Executive Committee held in Paris on May 2nd 1954

Present, Messrs Egerod, Sibly, Pedersen, Kahler, Rudd & the Secretary
Treasurer Josef Pedersen gave the financial statement which should have been given at Sigtuna during the 13th Congress. This statement to be duplicated and circulated by the secretary.
Mr Pedersen also reported the findings of the finance sub-committee held on the previous day when Mr Kahler, Mr Rudd Mr Sibly - by special invitation, and the secretary were present.
He recommended that an InternationalTrust Fund be established to ensure the continuity and expansion of the work of the I.V.U. & that a properly worded appeal be framed and launched as soon as possible.
Funds of such Trust Fund to be deposited in at least two countries, the most suitable places to be investigated by the finance committee under the guidance of Mr Pedersen.
Mr Pedersen was warmly thanked, as was Mr Rudd, for their patient and skilled handling of an involved and obscure financial position.
Mr Pedersen gave a final statement concerning the Sigtuna congress and concern was expressed that our treasurer should still be owed £22 for Dastor Bodes expenses. Mr Pedersen said that he is willing to wait for re-imbursement.
Mr Pedersen proposed that the salary of the secretary should be increased and it was agreed that this should be £1000 per annum or alternatively, as larger office premises were essential, that the IVU pay for the rent of a house for the secretary which premises to be used as the IVU office. Notice of termination to be six months from either side.

14th International Vegetarian Union Congress, La Cite Universeitaire, Paris, 1st to 6th August, 1955

Minutes of the Business Sessions Election of Officers: Treasurer - Mr Josef Pederson (Sweden)

International Vegetarian Union, Meeting of the Executive Committee, at the I.V.U. Offices, at 24 Binney Street, London W.1., on the 30th June, 1956

Notice to General Secretary - it was resolved that this meeting of the IVU Committee, consisting of five representatives of Great Britain, Denmark and Germany, with the agreed support of the President (Mrs Clarence Gasque) the Hon.Treasurer Mr Josef Pedersen (Sweden) and Committee member Dr Jean Nussbaum (France) regrets that owing to unforseen circumstances it has become necessary to give Mr Hanworth Walker (General Secretary) six months salary in lieu of notice, as from this date.

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on the 27th, September 1957 at the I.V.U. offices, 24 Binney Street, London W.1.

The Assistant Treasurer reported that there was a balance of £1140 in the bank; and Mr Pedersen reported by letter that he had about £76 in the bank.

World Vegetarian Congress, India 1957

Election and Re-election of Officers: The following were approved for a tern of office:- . . . Treasurer: Mr Josef Pedersen (Sweden)

World Vegetarian Congress, Hannover/Hamburg 1960

The Business Sessions
The Financial Report for the two years ended 31 December 1959 was given by the Treasurer (Mr Pedersen) and was approved.
Vice Presidents (re-elected):- . . . Dr J Pedersen (Sweden)
Treasurer: Mr Josef Pedersen (Sweden) was re-elected.

World Vegetarian Congress, Barcelona, 1963:

The Business Sessions
FINANCIAL STATEMENT: In the regretted absence of the Treasurer (Mr Josef Pedersen) the General Secretary (and Assistant Treasurer) presented the IVU audited Balance Sheets with a list of Affiliation fees paid in the period 31st December 1960 to 31st December 1963 which was covered in the Statement. These were approved

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: the following were elected or re-elected for a further term of Office:
Vice Presidents: Mr Josef Pedersen (Sweden),
Treasurer: Mrs Isabel James (GB)

World Vegetarian Congress, UK 1965:

VICE-PRESIDENTS of The I.V.U.: Mr. Josef Pedersen (Sweden).

World Vegetarian Congress, USA 1975:

Honorary Vice Presidents:-. . . Sweden Herr G.Hadfors, Herr J.Pedersen;

World Vegetarian Congress, India 1977:

The Congress expresses its deep and sincere regrets on the passing over of our following colleagues:- . . . Herr Josef Pedersen of Sweden (Hon.Vice President of I.V.U.)

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