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J. H. Bolt

IVU General Secretary1946-47

At the 1947 IVU Congress Mr. Bolt is reported as being the IVU General Secretary, but we have no record of when he came into this position as there had been no formal IVU meetings since 1938. It is most likely that arrangements were made in 1946 to elect temporary President, General Secretary and Treasurer until the Congress.

From reports of the 1947 IVU Congress, held in England:

Brief speeches were made by the overseas delegates - . . . Mr. J. H. Bolt (Holland)

Introduced by Mr. J. H. BOLT (Holland), consideration was given to the publication of an international vegetarian magazine, and it was finally agreed that it be a recommendation to the I.V.U. Committee that they take steps forthwith to have I.V.U. news circulated along the following lines :- . . .

An important report was read by Mr. J. H. BOLT (Holland), Hon. Secretary of the I.V.U., on his enquiries through affiliated Societies regarding the position of Vegetarianism in wartime. The report contained some exceedingly interesting information which we intend to publish as space permits.

. . . as Mr. J. H. BOLT (Holland) was unable to continue as Hon. Secretary, Mr. KAJ DESSAU (Denmark) was unanimously elected.

Mr. J. H BOLT (Holland) expressed the thanks and appreciation of those present for the opportunity of meeting together in London.

From reports of the 1950 Congress held in the Netherlands:

Within a mile of De Pietersberg were two other most impressive places. One was the vegetarian home for old people being developed (under the leadership of Mr. J. H. Bolt) in two fine mansions, set in restful woodlands.

Other visits in the vicinity of Arnhem were made to the Open Air Museum, and to its Exhibition, and to the Vegetarian Home for Aged People, at Oosterbeek, the organization of which was excellently described by Mr. J. H. Bolt to an interested audience.

We have no other records of Mr. Bolt at present.

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