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Isaac Obiora Dikeocha
IVU Council member 2006-08
Regional Co-ordinator for Africa 2006-08
(photos right from the European Vegetarian Congress, Italy, 2005)

My decision to become a vegetarian and subsequently a vegan was borne out of my encounter with my inner self. I had always felt that it is abnormal to kill animal for any reason since I was young. But the fact that as an African boy under his parents I had no choice of food than to eat whatever my parents gave me.

As I grew up and started achieving my financial independence, the same feeling kept on gripping me whenever I ate animal flesh or participate in any activity that caused harm to animals. When I enrolled as a yoga student, I was taught about the benefits of vegetarianism in achieving the yogi goal of reaching Samadhi. I quickly obeyed my inner conviction and became a vegetarian. The switch was not easy due to the environment I found myself but the health and spiritual benefits I derived from practicing this lifestyle encouraged me to move on with it and even advanced to be totally a vegan. The same benefits I would like the entire world to know especially Africa where I live. I have made it part of life mission to spread the gospel of vegetarianism/veganisn through my business and my social activities

I will continue to live a vegan lifestyle to the end of my life. Fortunately for me, I found love within the vegan community. My fiancée is a vegan activist and I know that all the children we are going to make together will follow the same vegan lifestyle.

I found my election into the International Council of IVU and my mandate to coordinate IVU African Region as a call to selfless service.

I am an African and Live in Africa. I know the negative effects of flesh consumption on the health of African people. The same goes with the degradation of our environment, extinction of animal species, our psychology, spirituality and major food shortages as a result of Livestock farming and host of other major problems which are too big to list here.

It is my wish to use my positions and with the help and support of other vegetarian/vegans in Africa disseminate information that will let the entire Africa know about the dangers in carnivorous lifestyle and offer African people the vegetarian solution which I know will go along way in making positive impacts in the health and the environment of African people. It is my target to create a vegetarian conscious Africa by 2020. It does not mean that all Africans must be vegetarian by 2020 but majority of Africans must have been aware of the immense benefits in Vegetarian lifestyle. IVU Africa welcomes all kinds of assistance from anywhere to enable us achieve the above objective.

Talks by Isaac at the 2005 European Congress in Italy (Word files):


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